Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Thank Theo

Thank you, JB, for setting up a site where we can express our overflowing gratitude and respect... and even hope he will read it!

I was awakened by a noise at 4am, and to get back to sleep I put the radio on, and it was tuned to the local ESPN station here. They had a 7 min. interview with Jonathon Papelbon (live-I guess Papel was up late) and he expressed his sadness over Theo's leaving. He did say that the last words the two exchanged were Theo saying to be back next year ready for the rotation. So much for the 8th inning bridge to whoever in the 9th. I smiled, and went back to sleep, all in 10 minutes. And then the alarm went off.......
What a mess, this whole thing! I'm right there with you and everyone else about how both unfortunate and maddening this all is. I can't believe that this occured only a year after the biggest day of Red Sox history.
Nonetheless, keep up the excellent work!
Well, it's the start of another week and I don't have much to say about our baseball team. The big game is with the oblong ball tonight around 9, in which our defense will surely be tested against a run-based Colt attack. What a difference from years past. Honestly, Reb, I hope I can make it to the 2nd half. Take care. Keep in touch.
I was going to comment on the Pats game, but that would be too depressing. Just the fact that the Colts scored on 7 of their first 8 possesions says enough. So enough!
Another Monday, but this one followed by a Pat's victory, and they did it in Miami, not an easy place to garner a win. Hope all three of you enjoyed the game, and maybe our Reb will be back soon.
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