Thursday, October 27, 2005


Fear and Loathing

D-day. Announcement is imminent.

I FEAR the flight of our most revered sir theo.

I LOATHE the heavy-handed ego of the slippery Larry Lucchino, who refuses to remove the training wheels off a bike his "son" mastered the handling of two years ago.

I love my red sox. The looming departure of theo is like a great shadow cast upon the bright future of this ballclub. Will the ominous cloud pass us by, or will darkness overtake us in a storm of uncertainty, dampness and gloom for some unknown duration of time...

If they let him walk, I will consider a hiatus from this organization altogether until the ownership sells out. yeah, I know, I probably won't be able to do it, and instead will be bitching about it here on reb sox for an indeterminable period of suffering... But I WILL give it serious consideration, as it sure would save me a great deal of heartache.

Dearest Theo,
Please stay. Of course, I can't ask you to stay with an unfair contract, or to continue to endure an intolerable and disrespectful situation. You are greatly loved by red sox nation, and we tremble as one in anticipation of your departure. Should you leave, the blame will be on ownership, and the anger will be so great from the nation that they will learn the darkest side of their dedicated fans in post haste. We will urge them to a quick departure, and hope for you an eventual return home.
all the best,

It's okay to loathe the ownership and still like the team and love the game.

It'll be like hating the Yawkeys back in the day.
yes, twitch, I'm being a wee bit overdramatic there... oh how spoiled I have become of late, to actually expect to like and respect team management.
Wow, first of all it's nice to have you back. Secondly, Mr. Henry should fire Lucky Lucinno and hire Theo, with a bit of Lucky's salary added to the till. And congrats to the White Sox, who proved they were the best team in baseball this year. No doubt. It's just a little tough to KNOW that we, the Rouge Sox, were not second, but fourth or fifth best. But that's what the off season is for. Which brings us back to the beginning of my comment. Theo!
Drama makes the world go round :)

Likeing the team ownership has been a pretty cool thing. Maybe I'll keep likeing them next year. Maybe I'll have something new to complain about, in an everything-old-is-new-again way.
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