Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Must Read

So you want to know how I feel? I'm too exhausted by my anger to fully describe it. It's been summed up pretty nicely by Beth in the fifth paragraph here. Or by Andrew here. But for even more perspective on the situation, don't miss this. Really, you MUST read it.

And this- shockingly, I've finally read something today that made me feel a little bit better. But only for theo. We, on the other hand, are screwed.

That is pretty much how I feel, which I why I need your help...We are starting a http://www.ThankYouTheo.com website today, where people can send personal mesasges to Theo thanking him for his service to Boston and his role in our Chamionship. He will be reading them, I am a Brookline '89 graduate and Theo will be aware of the site. Anything you can do to help drive traffic would be helpful- thanks for your time! JB
My comment to Theo is going up right now...this is what info sharing is all about..THANKS.
It's not up yet but I'll try this afternoon. Great articles Reb.
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