Friday, October 28, 2005


Catch a Breath

This looks promising. Until a contract is signed, however, don't expect me to breathe easily.

Edit: It's looking more optimistic right now than it has since the season ended for our sox.

I'm sure our hot stove process has been stalled quite a bit from the waiting process, although I do think Boras is stretching a wee bit when he compares how theo has dealt (or not) with damon so far to his approach on Captain last year. Er, no offense, Johnny, but if you really consider yourself as important to this team as Captain, well you just might be dumber than I thought. And that's really saying something.

I'm going to resume normal breathing for a little while... Looks like we won't hear anything until Monday, and there's no point in hyperventilating in the meantime. Lucchino had better not screw this up. ::clenches teeth::

Any positive movement is huge. I hope all this negativity disappears before the start of the season. We have enough trouble winning without them.
Manny is a putz-see 12/8 's latest post and comments.dlwrky
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