Sunday, December 11, 2005


Call Off the Dogs

It's okay, people; I'm still alive. Aside from my whirlwind of a life right now (moving, lots of work, and of course, the holidays) Peter* has really hit the nail on the head: I'm awfully depressed about Theo. I'm having a terrible time caring what the sox are doing this off-season - simply can't grip the confidence to make fair evaluations of any of these moves. This, of course, makes it difficult to write about.

Of course there's another sport that I follow, and it's getting into the home stretch in the NFL. Our boys in blue have at times this season been painful to watch... but last week was not one of those times. I'm not sure I can derive a significant amount of confidence from beating up on the Jets - such as they are this year - but still it was nice to see the defense hit their groove. Oh, and was it just me, or did it seem like Tom was actually getting some time to throw the ball last week? I think I may have mentioned this before, but quite frankly, that's ALL HE NEEDS.

Today our boys head into Buffalo, always a tough place to play. While watching the game, I shall be stringing the lights onto each individual branch of my family's Christmas tree - a tiresome task, as you might imagine, but well worth it. By the fourth quarter my hands will be sticky with sap, and I can only hope they will be red from clapping as well. Maybe I'll take some time later to write about the game. If not, dear readers, please know you are in my thoughts as I scurry around madly making samples and packing and otherwise preparing for my big move on Wednesday.

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