Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The Nation Falls

I've been sitting at my computer for over an hour, trying to find the words...

I feel so powerless.

The last three years, under the direction of a young and brilliant leader, we have seen the rise of a great nation. We have come together with more pride than ever before, we have suffered the sting of disappointment, we have celebrated a victory like no other, we have swelled with pride and hope for our bright future. Suddenly something has shot out the lights, and the nation panics in the darkness... the noble sir theo has been betrayed. He has left town, and no one can blame him, and citizens of the nation wonder how they can go on supporting what is left. We curse the roots that bind us here, once a source of great pride to us, but now imprisoning us to wait out the passing of a corrupt regime.

Why is it always the good who walk away, leaving power in the hands of the evil?

In this case, oh hungover one ( I hope not) ,it was the evil ones who had and have the power to begin with. I should have said evil ONE, because I do not think Tom Werner would have let this happen, and I do not believe Mr. Henry will sit on his hind legs and let this situation mold, mildew and gangrene into something that festers in its longevity. In other words, FIX IT AND FIX IT FAST! See ya Reb.
no, not hung over, thanks peter*. I was careful with my rage - no need for unecessary suffering; there's plenty to go around without adding to it.

maybe mr. henry will find a way to fix it. I'm sure not all hope is lost... I just can't find it right now.
Why doesn't Peter have his own blog? I want to know more about this good response Peter.....

I demand it
Thanks Amy. I like to troll all the great Sox spots and leave my mark in the comment sections. You know the places...like the neighborhood bar where you can get things off your chest and feel better better better. Oops, a Beatles song.
I've wondered this myself, Amy. Peter* says he does not have enough time to make it what he would want. I don't blame him, because blogging can be really intimidating when you first start. I know it took me a little while to find my true voice. Peter* has made so many friends out here in the blogosphere that he would probably get too many people looking at it right away, before he is ready.

On the other hand, peter*, not having a blog makes you somewhat mysterious... we know you, and yet we know a lot less than someone who's blog we read every day. So I think it's a good thing I made you make up a profile.

speaking of- things have shaped up a bit around here lately, and I'm changing my settings to allow anonymous comments again.
How's the moving thing going Rebecca?? And thanks for the kind words. If you're still in CT. Dec. 7th I have that access to U2 tix. Bye.
I want Peter to be my friend :) Work on that Reb :)
Amy, you're being silly...if I'm not a friend then what am I ??
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