Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Consolation Prize

I won $100 tonight in a football pool in which I had bet $4. It was one of those where you pay $2/square, each square corresponding to a number for each team. The numbers are assigned randomly after all squares have been purchased. My squares were: Balt 0, Pitt 4; Balt 9, Pitt 0. I've never won on this grid before, but tonight I won the final.

I'm happy, really. I'm irritated that it involved the waving of terrible yellow towels, but I'll take it since I don't think it will affect the Patriots this year.

Still I'm having a hellava hard time feeling happy about anything. $100 is nice and all, but I am inconsolable. No theo, no smile. And for a poor girl like me, that's saying quite a bit.

At least in the process I have thoroughly numbed my emotions with Jack, Jameson, and Patron. For tonight.

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