Sunday, October 30, 2005


Trash Talk

I try to avoid quoting Dan Shaughnessey. Not that he's a bad writer... I think we can all tell that informing his readers of the truth is not usually his primary motive. Take this article on the theo situation, for example. I'm not sure what his motive here is exactly, but clearly he wants to make sure we all know that high-ranking red sox officials call him at home, and he wants to kiss up to them by painting a picture for the public that they approve of so they will continue to be BFF's with him.

Reb - I also enjoyed the paragraph where he tried to come up with synonyms for 'protege'. He wound up with 'young person' and 'prodigy', and it was so forced as to jump out at me. So basically, Shaughnessy is arrogant, useless, stupid, AND a bad writer. Best sports section in the world my ass.
yeah, you're right. he's a bad writer, too. It's sad how transparent he is, and how many people hang on his words without recognizing how contrived they are. And like Dirt Dogs, the Globe cares not about the quality, or even if their readers like it... just so long as they read it.
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