Monday, October 31, 2005


Is This Some Freakish Nightmare?

"Breaking News" I hear as the words "Red Sox GM resigns" flash onto the screen.

That's right.

I held my neice in my arms at the time, and from the shock wave that ran through my body I might have dropped her - but she held on tight; one year-old little girls are stronger than you might think. In this moment of horror, she was holding me.

Someone wake me up and tell me I was just having a bad dream. Or that this is some kind of practical joke. Seriously.

I'm honestly devestated. I can't even blog about it yet. I'm not ready to be rational yet.
Screw rational, I'm all about the irrational post.

*pops more Pepto*
Jeez I was in such a good mood after having a fun halloween. Now this news combined with way too many peanut-butter cups has me literally sick to my stomach.

Lucchino's got a kick in the nuts coming to him for this.
Is it conceivable to run Lucchino & CHB out of town? Do we still have the apparatus to tar & feather people - maybe in Salem? (WCSG?)

there is no "rational" way to deal with this.
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