Sunday, October 30, 2005


Tedy Takes the Field

As our boys in blue emerge from their bye week, we forget, for just a moment, the injury woes of the defense as the spotlight shines on one man- One man and his return to health. Not to be melodramatic, but I saw my dad get a little choked up this summer when it was announced he would be sitting out. In a world where athletes become our heroes, it's rare to see a guy who deserves the accolades as much as Tedy. I think it hurt us all to see him on the sidelines in the prime of his career. Despite public denial, Tedy's return became a tangible possiblity in my mind when he was placed on the PUP list. Persistance, hard work, and heart have been the trademark qualities of Tedy's performance throughout his career, and his integrity implies they likely apply to his life off the field as well. Regardless of public statements, these traits in addition to Bill & Scott's careful use of the salary cap have kept me believing in this day. Not only do I love to be right, but I love to see #54 on the field, and I'm pretty sure the only football folk not so thrilled about it today would be the Buffalo Bills and their fans.

That being said, let us not forget this is a team game. For the third year in a row, injuries have hit the secondary in an agressive manner. I was discussing this with my father last week, and he suggested that something in Mangini's game plan may be responsible. Many, if not most of the injuries suffered have been related to the foot and/or ankle. I can see how pass coverage would often make an issue of one's footing; keeping visual on the assigned receiver, the quarterback, and the ball would leave little time to look and think about the ground. This of course makes me wonder what the overall rate of injury is at cornerback in the NFL, and according to this comment on Football Outsiders it would be 75% over a four year period. Pretty high, but nothing compared to what we've been experiencing in New England. I'm not sure if this has to do with the scheme or strength and conditioning, or both, but it's starting to look like a bit more than bad luck in my opinion.

Let's hope this secondary situation stays in the backround tonight as the Patriots take the field in Foxboro for our first division game. I have a feeling beating Buffalo here could be key to our playoff chances down the road.

As would any victory at any point in any season. But I hope Tedy is ok and that the Docs did a good job. We need him, but not at the cost of his life.
Torn over this one. On the one hand, yay, Tedy! On the other hand, he didn't have to come back, and if there was the teensiest sliver of doubt at all.... well. I hope he comes out of it OK, is all.
Even if I sound heartless...I have to say that. Many people go to work every day at the risk of their lives...even teachers. As much as I worry about Tedy's recovery...I don't feel bad or think that anyone can tell him what to do or what is best for him...he's risking his life when he steps onto that playing are a lot of the men out there for a variety of reasons...Football is no pool's rough, and can be deadly. I say kudos to Tedy for having the balls to go out there....:)
I'm going to have to go with Josie here. (hi josie, welcome to reb sox;) We all take risks every day that we are barely aware of, and many jobs pose much greater dangers than football. The difference with Tedy is that his mortality has been exposed. Maybe it would be safer for me not to leave the house in the morning, but would that be a life worth living? Tedy has worked unbelieveably hard throughout his life to get where he is, and he loves the game. He wants to be out there, and if the team lawyers are satisfied with the risk evaluation of numerous specialists, who are we to say he shouldn't be?

Heartless? How about denying a man the life that he loves? Tedy has jumped through hoops for these doctors. He has taken his recovery and conditioning slowly, with no doubt the best medical supervision available. He has been clear about making his health and his family his top priorities. We all care about Tedy and his health, but I have to wonder at this point if there are others on the field at greater risk... we just don't know about it.

There's this device in his heart which has never malfunctioned, but no one has tried to play football with it... there's a first for everything.
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