Sunday, October 30, 2005



Asante Samuel, and the New England secondary, records it's first interception of the year just minutes ago. Thank you, Asante, for finally holding onto that ball.

Edit: I was hoping this would prove the turnaround in the game, and was disheartened by the lack of results.

Our offense is struggling this year and that's an understatement. It's not about our weapons, and it's not about Tom. Stephen Smith says "quite frankly, that's all they need"... well not quite. Tom needs a little bit of protection to be Tom. Oh, he can work under pressure, sure- otherwise we'd be getting NOWHERE. Do we even have an offensive line? What the hell is going on up there? Well we'd better figure it out by next week, as it looks like the Colts are comin' to town. Them horses finally went out and got themselves a defense this off-season, and we'd better be ready to get through them. They sure are extra-motivated to stop us.

Well it turned out it was another turnover, a fumble forced and recovered by Rosey Colvin, which turned the tide our way. Without these two turnovers we may have lost to the Bills, and by a large margin.

GOOD: Turnovers
BAD: Pass Protection

From now on, how 'bout we continue to force turnovers and start to protect our quarterback? This lack of protection not only makes it difficult to score, but puts increases Tom's risk of injury. Don't you guys know how dead in the water we would be without Tom? ok I'm turning into a broken record now. Protect our quarterback. That is all.

1st INT of the year comes 7 games in. Amazing huh?

Nice comeback win for The Pats. :-)
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