Thursday, September 14, 2006


Slacker Stops By

I bet most of you think I haven't written because I can't face the current state of the Nation. After all, I am a glass-half-full kinda girl, and there hasn't been a helluva lot to put a positive spin on lately. While it has been painful to watch, I have stood by silently more out of circumstance than shame. (shame, in fact, is mine for my silence) I won't get into the long line of excuses that have kept me from my blogger dashboard these last six weeks, except to say that it involves the tragic death of a certain over-worked and underpaid home computer. You might say the chain of blog-prevention events resembled the tiresome pile-up of health catastrophes noted among our boys in red over the past month... But that might be misleading, as a good deal of it could be attributed to the distraction of my new man, and I can't complain about that.

The best part about being out of the race is that I can watch the Devil Rays blow a three-run lead to the yankees without severe mental anguish. Mind you, I am not exactly jumping for joy, but the result doesn't matter anymore. It's peaceful to play out these last few weeks without stress. I think we knew in the back of our minds three months ago that we didn't have the pitching to get anywhere in the postseason this year... and that was before we lost even more pitching.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I was still a fan of theo... if I was not bothered that he did nothing before the trading deadline while the skanks picked up Abreau. Ha. I told him I was happy my team was not willing to shell out 15 million for just a few months of one player... and at the same time I didn't go into my full thoughts on the matter. It seemed an ignorant question to me. The front office philosophies of the two teams are quite different, and so are the assets. No one was asking the red sox for millions of dollars at the trade deadline - oh no, only our best prospects. Since there was no trade I can only infer that nothing good enough was offered for them. And yes, I am happy with that. I am content to know that our front office was not willing to mortgage our future for the chance of a better present, especially now, as we all know how minor an improvement would have proved as an impact for our club as it hit Murphy's month.

The same guy asked me just yesterday if I've given up on the red sox yet. I don't know where this guy gets off making such snide remarks to me... he's not even a yankee fan. I have to assume he doesn't realize the cruel nature of his tone. Yes, if my enjoyment as a fan is limited only to the glory of postseason, on that I have given up. Yet I still watch the games. I still enjoy a game winning double by Mark Loretta in the ninth. I still enjoy Mike Timlin's fist pump as he works himself out of trouble for the save. I know the postseason is a pipedream, at least for this year, and it does not even bother me, knowing there are far better teams who would only crush us if we got there. So I watch these last games with peace of mind and a hopeful heart, for the major league time certain rookies are logging with no pressure will benefit us in the future via both play and trade value.

And even when it means nothing, a Sox victory in the Bronx is a joy - one we will get four chances for in the next three days. So take heart and stay tuned, there is enjoyment still to be had in these last waning days...

...and there's also our boys in blue.

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