Monday, June 20, 2005


The Adventures of Reb & Jere - *vandalism*

Or as I like to call it, improvement upon the public property of NYC

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This was jere's idea. We saw the sign last time I was in NY, for the hotel stalking. He said he wanted to get a Sox sticker on the sign. I took a picture. I wanted to use it, but I had to have the sticker. So last week we bought stickers at Fenway, in the souvenior shop while waiting for Empy & Witch City.

We went to the Riv to watch the game, and I think jere mentioned that it was kindof windy in there? really, really bizarre how blustery it was in that bar, just by the back tables.

From there we went to the A line, I think, to Times Square. The sign is in a hallway from outside and the A line to the Shuttle. Jere thinks they'll be gone in a few days. I'd like to think they'll stay, and maybe people will add to them. I like to dream.

At the end of the evening we were walking to Grand Central, and the display at Modell's caught our eyes:

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I feel pretty silly with my fancy pics and nothing to say about the games. I watched them. But my figuring out how to get that pic up on my header was not a quick task today. I'm afraid I'm a little short on brainpower right now.

Mattie Clement - wow.

That is, frankly, fantastic. I lived in NYC for a couple years, and those stupid ads drove me crazy. Hopefully the sticker lasts until the next time I find myself in Times Square...
So glad we made this idea really happen. And, uh, I think it was Chan who said they'd get taken down. I thought they might, but I'm definitely using my will power to keep them up, and we should keep stickering, keeping one step ahead of the law. Also, you had that idea that other Sox fans would add to it, which they will as long as we or I start the trend of slapping one up whenever they get covered up.

Also, we both forgot to mention that Sox fan in the subway that gave us one double point, while each of us happened to give him one single point.
That was beautiful, the double-point. It happened so quickly in a busy subway passage... shortly before we reached the sign. I wish we could have told that dude what we were doing.

Hey, I haven't bought stickers since I was about eight years old... where would one find sox stickers locally? I should stock up before my next trip to the city. And you should, too. By "you" I mean all of you. If you're passing that sign for any reason, I hope you come prepared with a red sox sticker.
Guys, seriously this was a FANTASTIC idea. I'm taking a bus out of Port Authority on Saturday to go down to Philly to see the Sox series down there, so I'll be sure to walk down the passage and make sure the stickers are still there.
I used to walk that passage from the A to the 7 all time time.

Brilliant work.
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