Saturday, October 01, 2005


Not Exactly the Ideal...

But we'll take it, I guess. That's not exactly what I meant, boys, by WIN. Did you think I was talking to the other sox? Ah, well, at least they got the message. And the fate of the season lays in YOUR hands, boys. All you've got to do to get to the play-offs is WIN. Funny thing is, we get into the playoffs even if the message gets crossed again... but let's keep things simple, shall we?

I bet the skanks are out on the town to celebrate tonight. Keep your eyes out, my Bostonite friends, for an opportunity to "accidently" trip Gary Sheffield or something, mmm-kay?

In fact, I shall be in Boston tonight myself. That's right boys, you've got some REB IS IN TOWN MOJO comin' to ya. So please don't disappoint. I may not be at the park (unless, of course, someone wants to invite me... feel free to use that "e-mail me" link over there on the left;-)) but I WILL be watching.

Hope that's mojo risin', Reb. Safe trip.
The Doors MOJO!!!!

Risin' Risin, ya gotta keep on RISIN'
4:26 pm..Cleveland loses.....Sox up 6-0 and threatening...Rebaseball's mojo works just fine. Safe trip.
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