Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Blow-out Lightens a Heavy Heart

I needed that. Badly. My day started off at five a.m. with PAIN. What ensued from there was excruciating, and boy I'd love to describe it just to get it off my chest, but then again I'd like you to return to my blog at some point, so I'd better pass. Let's just say things got worse before they got better, and by "worse" I'm pretty sure that could be considered high gloss.

And after the last two games, the thought of baseball loomed over the evening like a storm cloud in my brain. I don't know about you people, but I was starting to feel like Andrew (just, er, with a few less stats floatin' around in my brain). Usually I'm able to shake this kind of thing off... Streaks tend to end, after all. Maybe it was the day I had, but I didn't even try to muster up confidence. Hope was not an option, at least not one compatible with sanity.

But who needs sanity with the kind of day the middle of the order had? Papi's shoulders got some help tonight for the first time in awhile. Our heavy hitters look to be back, finally, and I sure hope it isn't a fluke. As the runs stacked up on the board, I couldn't help but worry that we were scoring for the whole week... Bad, evil, negative thoughts which must be stomped out! Instead I see that things are swinging around again. Bats and Arms are sharpening up at the same time. Our boys have not shown their full capabilities all season. If there's ever a time to do it, it would be now; there is no better time to get hot. And if our boys truly come together right now, watch out MLB 'cause there will be no stoppin' us...

Well, I got here. Now I'll read your happy posting.I also have an hidden blog that, after some work, I'll reveal. Great game, but did we spend all our points in one night?
Great English, Peter.
this would be the perfect time to get hot for sure. even though the (tiny) logical part of my brain says that the sox can't stay down forever and the yankees can't streak forever, it doesn't stop the (frazzled) emotive part of my brain from going crazy.

and peter - how does something so infuriatingly negative even enter your mind after a win like this? spent all their points??? jesus.
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