Sunday, September 25, 2005


Have a Little Faith

There were moments in both games yesterday that made me leave the room; our luck has been so terrible this year that I could not bear to see more. After Hansen's little "welcome to the majors" wake-up call, I drove to the liquor store to purchase a new bottle of Jack in honor of Kevin Millar. Upon return, Millar had been replaced, and I watched Olerud with two men on take a swing to end the inning.

It is a tenuous time in Red Sox Nation. Many have wondered how last season's success would affect us. Up until this year, our expectations based on historic trends were that we would "choke", if you will, and yet still we believed... Now that word choke has taken on new definition; our recent times have given us tangible reason to expect success. It has been proven that there is hope, even at the darkest hour.

Our situation right now is not bleak at all. We are tied for first place. The team we are racing with has one game left at home, today, and finishes their season with seven on the road. Our schedule is the opposite, and our one road game is at Camden, commonly referred to as "Fenway South". And yet I see we are guarding our hearts. Some of my fellow fans have already thrown in the towel, others look on with feigned indifference, and some refuse to watch at all.

Why are we suddenly afraid to believe?

I admit I am not as confident as I would like. Being tied is a bit scary... We had grown so comfortable with a lead. Still I am not sure that comfort is the desirable state at this time of year. The do-or-die mentality sharpens the performance of the best, pushing them to the top of their game. And this is exactly where we want our boys to be by next Sunday: On top of their game, and ready for more.

Edit: Still tied, and going home. Other than Gary Sheffield's head on a platter, what more could you ask for?

Speaking of choke, don't choke on that Jack! Seriously, the Yankees and the Sox are winning today. As each day passes with the teams tied, the full glory of the week to come is just settling in. I have to think that being at Fenway will make all the difference in the world. The O's will rise twice in their four days with the visiting Yankees. Cheers to that!
Lets hope that The Os' Rise 4X in 4 Days. Baseball does NOT need a Juiced Team in Post-Season.
How's the optimism doing after tonight, Reb?
Could be worse, couldn't it?

It was a disappointing loss. At least I was watching the yankees get creamed at the same time.
Be of Good Cheer, All. F-DFYankees.
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