Thursday, September 29, 2005


Read this only if you care about my personal life...

Things have been a bit crazy in the Reb Sox household this past week. Many things I have wanted to blog about, and just have not had time. Here's the FYI: My parents are getting divorced, I have been living with them, the house goes on the market tomorrow, and I need to find a new place to live. I had linked to this stuff on my other blog a few weeks ago, but it seems not everyone saw it, and jeez not that I think most of you would care, but I have been accused of with-holding information.

First off, don't even think about feeling sorry for me. I have been living rent-free for nearly two and a half years. I am thirty years old. This is a tad irresponsible, don't you think? Anyway, I have supported myself before, and I will again soon. So now I need to decide where to live. This is somewhat tricky as I just might be moving again in less than a year. (what a pain in the ass) I am not particularly fond of Connecticut, and have in fact been living here to be close to my family. But if you've ever looked at the rent prices in this area, you may see why this does not seem worthwhile to me. Sure, I have a business, which can be hard to relocate... but I ran that business in NH before I moved here, and in truth have more connections there, not to mention friends, and frankly, a better quality of life. So I've pretty much decided that's where I'm going. And I think it's going to make my life a lot easier, in the end, because my man lives up there. He's so great about things, really, but gets antsy when it gets too long between visits, if you know what I mean. So in short... I'm moving back to NESN country... after the season ends. Fat lot of good that's going to do.

Anyway, putting the house on the market means there's been a lot of work to do around here. Painting, cleaning, packing (because even though it'll be two months at least before a closing, things need to look "sparse" for the showings) straightening, touching up, generally prettifying - you get the picture, right? It's been busy. Seriously, my niece was born a week ago, and I still have only seen her once. And there's still a bit of last-minute vacuuming to do, but the push is basically over, and I can start allowing myself to do other stuff again.

Like blog about football. Because my passion has finally re-awakened, this past Sunday, which is frightfully late for me, by the way. Usually I'm jumping into the spirit, chomping at the bit for the first pre-season game, in late July. Frankly, I was starting to get worried... feeling like maybe there was something wrong with me - like where is the real rebecca, and how the hell did someone do something with her without ME noticing?! So yeah, I had lots to say about this past week, which of course I won't bother with, since it was now so friggin' long ago, the memories have indeed now seen it's first flakes of dust. But get ready to see some football on here in the future, and not a moment too soon, as the day is looming when it seems I may have nothing else to blog about here... perhaps as early as Monday morning.

Also, as I have been meaning to do for quite some time, I need to get some new link lists up. Football, obviously, must be addressed - Cardnilly has reminded me that it might be nice to have some links up for other baseball teams' blogs, and I may as well do that now while I still remember what those are - and also some general sporting stuff... Sheriff Sully, for example, which originally attracted me with this offending article, has turned out to be rather amusing, and refreshingly positive for someone who is actually involved in the Boston media. And speaking of Boston media, how long have I been meaning to take my official stand against the filthy big dog? Since I never even bother to visit that worthless page, I always forget. So I'll have to stop by and charge myself up. So yeah, all of that coming soon, I promise. In the meantime, if it's football you want, make sure you stop by here.

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