Thursday, September 22, 2005


Skankee Fans Can't Make Me Panic

But they CAN make me nauseous.
Johnny-fuckin'-Damon. I just received my second "we're in first place" phone call. I have never done this. Have you? It has burned me up all summer that yankee fans have accused me of gloating and being nasty about their team's failures. Because I haven't. Sure, I may openly root against them while on tv, and smile giddily if they lose, but I DON'T get in their faces and SING the division standings.

I may make fun of the yanks, their players, their ownership, their cheat-checks, and their pompous fans on my blog; what do you expect? THIS IS A RED SOX BLOG. You satin-clad dick-wads are welcome to write all about your cheatin' team and their glorious comeback and how much the red sox suck and blah, blah, blah, blah... ON YOUR OWN BLOG. If I happen to come by and read it, well I would never accuse you of being nasty about my team, because it's not like you CALLED ME UP PERSONALLY JUST TO GET IN MY FACE ABOUT IT. See, if it's on your blog, then people are reading it of their own free will. (get that? If you are a yankee fan reading this, don't complain to me about how I've insulted you. No one asked you to come here.)

This is what I can't understand about yank fans. I have never gone around reading all the yankee blogs out there so that I can leave nasty messages. I have ONE yank blog on my kinja-list, just to keep me informed, I believe I've actually been there to read twice, linked to it once, and have never left a comment. I could not be bothered with visiting yank fans just to insult them.

It's like WE are the actual sport to them, not what goes on inside the diamond. I honestly think that the hardest part of this year for yank fans has been going so long without material to insult sox fans with. Honestly. And since they've had nothing else to work with, they've been chastising me for "being nasty" just because I have a smile on my face. Urgh I HATE double standards, and what I hate the most about them is dealing with the people who have them, because they tend to be so nasty and hateful and insulting, and it's so impossible to point out to them that they are just as guilty, if not more. FRUSTRATING. I'm one of those bottler-types, who just lets them go off and meanwhile I quietly assure myself that nasty l'il fellas such as the skanks and their fans will get their come-uppin's in the end. I think "boy will they feel stupid when they have to eat those words," but it's senseless, because they never eat them - they never even acknowledge that they've said them. Instead they get upset with us for smiling about "their suffering".

This is what grunherz on the SG message board so aptly referred to as "premature ejaculation". Grun, I can't thank you enough; this has been my mantra of sanity since you have typed it. I seem to remember the yanks leading the division by a half game not terribly long ago. How long did that lead last again? One day? ONLY ONE DAY? THE GREAT AND POWERFUL YANKEES? Imagine that. There seemed to be a bit of panic around the sox blogosphere on that ONE day, but this was my take on it: All streaks come to an end. It's time for the boys to turn the beat around.

p.s. I finally "won" one of these RSN drawings, and at noon I'll be logging in to puchase two ALDS tickets, WHICH I FULLY BELIEVE I WILL BE UTILIZING.

p.p.s. My first "virtual waiting room" experience has been shockingly satisfactory. My seats are in the second row of section forty. For cheap bleacher seats, people, this is about as good as it gets.

I was thinking about you and how it's gotta suck having to deal with being surrounded by all those MFY fans right now.

Hopefully their time in 1st place is almost as short as it was in July...
I know you hate LOL, but geez:


I actually felt GUILTY when the belated birthday present for Sam arrived yesterday; it's a Yankees plush blanket. He's been dragging it all over the house. I could hardly look at it. I can guarantee you I won't LIE under it.
what a shame it can't be as short, right mr.blackandwhite? Or shorter... oh, you can't get shorter than ONE DAY, can you?

Listen, if it weren't for this, yankee fans would actually be able to say in the end "see, I knew they weren't gonna make it this year" AND BELIEVE THEMSELVES.

Jessie, your poor child; what a shame Bobby has corrupted him so... I fear he will be on the receiving end of other people's bad karma for decades to come.
I think i can. i think i can. (comment here) Peter1210 is peter*, a disturbed Red Sox fan.
You were right Reb. All I needed is a blogger profile to be let in here in Paradise (or close). Congrats on your tix!!!!!
Glad they fixed that virtual waiting room. I tried using it back in the spring and it was horrible.

I think getting those tickets is extremely good Red Sox Karma. Awesome.

Hopefully the dang O's can win a game tonight.
Knew you could do it, peter*. I will miss the asterisk, but it will not be forgotten. I think I shall use it to reply to you on comments.

mr.blackandwhite, I really hope it IS good karma. Also, there will be a couple bloggers in Baltimore this weekend, whom I hope will be good karma as well. Anyone who has BAD karma, feel free to visit the toilet and root for the skanks this weekend.
oh, yeah. peter*, re: google's I'm feeling lucky, try "asshole".
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