Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Saturday Night... 'cause who really wants to talk about last night?

I just went through my pictures from Saturday, and I'm a wee bit disappointed in myself. This was our view. I could have gotten great photos of the fabulous pitching performances we had that night... but no, apparently I didn't bother. Which is a shame, because Bronson's graceful high-kicks were even more incredible from this angle. Also, I thought I had gotten a pic of Edgah on third base, but it looks like I had my finger over the lense. Terrible job, Reb.

That picture of Edgar was important, too. I discovered that he actually has one redeeming feature, and had planned to reveal it with pictoral evidence. You see, I had never before noticed what a very nice ass Edgar has. Not that it matters, since having just witnessed his TWENTY-NINTH error, we all would like to beat it bloody.

It was great to finally meet Andrew in person. We had some stimulating conversation, although I don't think he particularly enjoyed hearing about my edgah discovery (and I think the people around us must've really been fascinated.) It's not exactly my thing, but I tried to fill him in on what the female fascination was with certain players he was confused about, such as Billy (EYES, smile, just plain sexy) and Bronson (must be the kick). I'm pretty sure he still doesn't get it, so maybe someone who's more of an expert on these matters can explain it to him?

Somewhere around the fifth inning, Bronson had lost his no-no and the lead, and I decided to give Andrew a break from my drivel. My friends Christin & Lori were in the bleachers behind center field, and I thought I'd give them a visit. I didn't feel like going all the way up to the 42nd row - so easy to get stuck up there, with people going for beers every inning, and stopping on the stairs for no reason, etc. - so I told them to come down while I tried to get some pictures at the bullpen. I got some shots of the double-barreled Myers-Bradford action, but the plan itself did not work too well. I was walking back and forth, trying to dodge security while looking for Christin and Lori. I spent a disturbingly long time doing this.

Empy spotted me wandering aimlessly and called me over. I had left her a message, knowing she would be there, but she had forgotten her phone, therefore we never would have met up if it weren't for my absurd meet-up plan. Then Christin called me and we decided to give up; we were going out after the game anyway. I was on my way back to Andrew and our prime seats, when I passed a souvenior stand with stickers.

STICKERS! Perhaps some of you remember the sad discovery made by Jere and I just last week? That's right, no sox stickers on the sign. Well Empy had told me that Finy was along with her group, and I decided I had to buy some stickers and give them to Finy.

Here is my plea, a mission for all of my NY readers, especially Finy, should you choose to accept it: Place Sox stickers on this sign! The playoffs are coming, and we need the mojo! This sign is located in the Times Square subway station, on the way from the blue line to the shuttle (I think. correct me if I'm wrong here; It may be my banner but I'm not a New Yorker so I could be remembering this wrong.) This sign needs sox stickers, and as many as we can get. So buy some sox stickers and bring them with you if you will be passing the sign. Please. I beg you. I am on my knees here...

So I head back to the bleachers, stickers in hand. Empy is on the far right corner in the front area, so I go in the wheelchair entrance and pull myself up on the rail next to her. I hand her the stickers and tell her what they are for. Still, I had not met Finy, so she points me in the right direction. I go over to look, no luck. I notice someone's up in the bullpen, so of course I back-track and take some shots of the very impressive rookie, Jonathon Papelbon. Back over to look for Finy, but Empy has found out she had left the seats to get something. Well I was a bit disappointed I did not get to meet her, and of course I have no idea whether or not she will accept her mission. But I'm finally on my way back to hang with Andrew.

This adventure of mine had taken quite awhile. I was shocked to find I had only missed two innings or so. I got to see quite a bit of Papelbon's commanding performance. Also we saw Johnny somehow managing a conversation with Jay Payton from across left field. And of course we saw Timlin's A-game as well.

We had enough in that game, but don't you wish our arms and bats could show up to the same game for once?

You know what I mean.

Anyway, thanks Andrew, again, for the ticket. You rock. I enjoyed the game and the company immensely. Hope you didn't mind my leaving you at the mercy of section 27 for awhile. They seemed like pretty nice folks around there, but you never did tell me what happened while I was gone....

REB, The Red SOX have endured an Unprecedented streak, which only the MLB People, who I call "The Whores of Baseball", by being FORCED into a 30 Straight Game Schedule, so that "The Whores" might not embarass some team with a $212M Payroll. The Rainout with the White Sox, was scheduled on 09/05/05, to precipitate this murderous streak.
Mind you, the $212M team, was NEVER subjected to this schedule. You know that FOX may have had a hand in this, so they can recoup lost revenue from last year.
I don't get it. Now that the Baker's Dozen of games has turned into the Dirty Dozen, and the Sox players are falling like bowling pins in a 300 game, some are expressing the fact that if we had that ONE day off, ONE day, everything would be different. BS. Double BS with chocolate syrup and nuts and cherries and.....you get my drift. The Red Sox look like a team with a terminal disease, and it's up to them to pull out of it or succumb to the cool waters and drift lifelessly into the quagmire of the off-season. They need to win NOW. Shit, they need to win last week. We shall see. Have a great day.
Peter- I thik a day off now would probably not do too much good. But, the CBA includes that 'no stretch longer than 20 games' clause for a reason. Days off really do help tremendously, especially for an entire team, so no on has to worry about even putting on a uniform. They need one of those, and Thursday will be a relief. Won't solve all problems, but it will be a relief.

Reb - the tunnel you're thinking of in NYC is the one between the Times Square Station (1,2,3,7,9,N,Q,R,W,Shuttle) and the Port Authority Terminal (A,C,E). It's the second to last in a series of somewhat pointless signs which - I believe - advertize bedding, though I've never been sure. It's closer to the Port Authority side than the Times Square side.

I'm writing all the detail to ensure that someone does this again, because it was so highly awesome the first time. And, thanks for taking the ticket! Good times were had. And just think, we saw the Sox' last win of the season!
Also, let's all remember whose idea the sign thing was in the first place.

I'll be up in Boston next Monday, and I'll get a sticker while I'm there, and get down there and replace the sticker. And I hope to see another one there when I do it.
that's right, it was jere's fabulous idea. in fact, I owe many great ideas to jere.
So I got that goin' for me.

Reb, I am SO sad I missed you at the game! The Twin was sitting in the section next to us and I had taken a few innings to go say hello. But i have my stickers, I'm armed and ready! Just need to borrow a friend's digital camera to bring with me and up they'll go!
reb, i noticed the pleasing, round brown firmness that is edgar's ass a couple months ago and have been riveted ever since. might i also suggest a little bulge check every now and then as well. though he appears by all evidence to be a rather unfortunate human being/baseball player, i think he's got a hot body.
it is visible walking from the A line to the 7.

and (thank papi) it is *not* a commercial for anything. just a semi-cute poem about staying in bed and not going to work.

if anyone is in toronto seeing a game next year, let me know.

formerly of nyc,

thanks for the help everyone, for describing the location of this sign for people. I hope to find out there are many stickers up soon!

Finy- that was all I could find inside the park. I'm not sure it will look good to have so many up that are the same. Maybe you should just start with one and add more once we get some variety up there. I'm sad I missed you. Also would have enjoyed meeting the twin.

Regarding the Days Off issue, I have to thank Michael for expressing my exact frustration. We've been set up. I agree with you, peter* that we don't deserve the playoffs the way we've been playing, but so many days in a row of anything can suck the life out of ya. Thanks Andrew for the facts //the CBA includes that 'no stretch longer than 20 games' clause // since I never know them. My main complaint with the schedule would be that it forced the inevitable violation of this rule. Of the thirty straight games, 29 were scheduled. There are always games to make up at some point, and September is the last shot. It seems like it would make sense to schedule September with a couple extra days off to leave some room for this. Unless, of course, king georgie is paying well to ensure that certain teams have no room for such things as rest.

Sarah- I have noticed these things about edgah before, but I'm surprised at how much it jumped out at me on Saturday. I'm not usually the type to get crazy about such things.
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