Friday, September 23, 2005


A Pox on You Gloom and Doom-sayers

That's how we're being portrayed, people. We are behind by ONE GAME, and some are already claiming the season as LOST.

In a way, I can understand. The way our team has been playing this week makes you wonder what planet the aliens who have taken over the bodies of our players are from, and how much baseball they actually watched before they went ahead with this brilliant body-snatching scheme, and what kind of substance king georgie is paying them in to do this, and whether he discovered interstellar communication from the devil himself or our american president (Oh, wait; is there a difference?). The way we've seen our boys play lately, it's easy to wonder if they'll win any of the ten remaining games. Likewise, the way the breaks have been going for the yanks... I wonder if they ever miss their souls?

Last night, the insufferable Michael Kay further cushioned the confidence of his audience (which for some unexplained reason had dramatically increased, seemingly overnight) by discussing with his cohort, Jim Kaat, what had and had not been done in the past at this point in the season, regarding the division lead. Despite the 7-1 lead held by the skanks at the time, hearing this amused me to no end. I guess I was not the only one to notice this, as it was pointed out in today's Boston Globe:

And the unspoken text, one revered by every Red Sox fan, even those fretting at their team's predicament with just 10 games to play, is that after last October, the Yankees should be very careful about invoking precedent. Yes, as e-mailer Debbie Lincoln noted yesterday, the Yankees could indeed ''revoke the choke," but they'll have to come through Boston to do so.

"Revoke the choke" *giggle* Debbie, this can not be done. The yanks just might pull it out this year, which would certainly be an amazing feat heavily bolstered by the failures of the red sox to play up to their abilities, but never in the long future of professional sports will we ever see the equal to what happened last year. As much as yankee fans like to pretend it never happened, well it did, and denial will not take it back, nor will one division title.

Anyway, I fully believe the season is still in the capable hands of our boys, if they can only show up to the field. The recent trends among the sox and yanks cannot be sustained. The season is far from over, people, and I for one look forward to an exciting week of baseball with new vigor. And, on a personal note, which most of you will not care one twit about, I am an aunt, for the second time, today. Clearly this is a day of new life. Nothing that happens in Baltimore or the Bronx can tarnish it.


One must be careful not to confuse pessimism with realism, however. It's a thin but important line.

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Congrats, new Auntie. Your new niece/nephew is very lucky to have you. Also I agree with your post. Play every game ready to win, 10 to go , 10 to win. Or something like that. Who knows, the Yankees might lose a couple before we see them at the Fens.
looking for an aunt report...
Congrats on becoming an Aunt! Hope you have fun.

I know it's cliche but you are right we are not out of this thing. The playoffs start right now. The Sox need to play these last 10 games as if each one is the last game of the year.
Congratulations on Aunthood X 2!

Right on with the post. The division is ours. Oh yes, the division is ours.
Of course, with the 30 Game Straight March, things are closer
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