Monday, September 19, 2005



Things looked pretty dismal here in New England yesterday. Less than ideal, to say the least. I have come up with a very short list of positives:

  1. The most fortunate part, for me the fan, was that the games basically occured simultaneously, saving me several hours of pain and distress.
  2. the final score in Toronto.
  3. Keith Foulke was back in the saddle yesterday. I was still torturing myself with the last-channel button at the time, but he looked fairly confident out there, and the stat lines infer that he had good command of his pitches.
Well I guess that's it for yesterday. Saturday was much better, thankfully, and I was on hand with a great view;-) Will tell more when I am back in CT tonight.

easy to be back in the saddle when the game's not on the line...

I heard a rumour that your seats provided you with quite a view of Arroyo's masterpiece, not to mention Jonathon and Mr. Timlins great innings. Papelbon, a bridge from the 7-8th innings to Timlin. I hope it's not too late to see a lot of that.
baby steps, Beth. confidence takes time to build.

peter*, I forgot to take fun pics, but I did get some game pics which I will upload tonight. We had a fabulous view of the mound, able to enjoy Bronson's super-sexy leg kicks and Jonathon's fierce presence up there. Timlin was ON as well, and they made Jay Payton in particular look pretty foolish on Saturday.
They made Payton look foolish Sunday, too... and for the entire series, for that matter. I guess Ron Jackson's notes came in handy there.
"Super sexy leg kicks?" As the title of this post says, YUCK.
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