Thursday, September 29, 2005


Season on the Line

Papi saves the day yet again, and with the help of the young Pappy. I call him (Jon-boy) that, by the way, because his fiancée told Jere and I that he has "Pappy" tattooed on his arm. And with what he's been giving us lately, the boy deserves to be called whatever he likes. Clutch is a serious understatement for both of these guys, and of course to be included in that sentence with Papi is quite the honor.

where would we be without Papi?

Pictured on the right is a t-shirt made for me by the good witch back in June. I put this t-shirt on tonight, just as Papi came to the plate sometime in the middle of the game. It's an iron-on thing... rather fragile. I've washed it once, and let's just say it didn't fair too well. I won't be doing that again. And so I put it on when we are in dire need of the Papi mojo... and when the game is over, I take it off, fold it in on itself, and keep the mojo preserved for another day. Thank you much, WCSG. Thanks to Papi's mojo tonight (and indeed, on many other nights this year) we just may be taking in a game together next week.

Of course, in order for THAT to happen (as in, the ALDS "home game 2" WCSG & I will be attending together) we need to WIN. and WIN. and WIN! That's (count them) THREE WINS. Not necessarily three wins in a row... but that sure would make things easier, boys... seeing as there's only three games left in the regular season.

The two games before tonight had all but crushed my spirit. I want to believe, but sometimes our boys make it hard, don't they? On paper we have a talented team. But the games aren't played on paper. The entire season has been exasperating for us, the faithful... for it seems like only a few of our players want to show up at the same time. Think back with me... how many games did it seem like we ought to have won? Sure, baseball is like that. But for us, this year, TOO MANY. At this point I can only shake my head, sadly. For I am a sports fan. With this kind of performance, a team does not really deserve to be in the post-season. And still, we have a shot. It may be a long shot, but it's there nonetheless. And we ride into it with momentum, thanks to Papi.

Even if just for Papi's sake, I plead with fate to bring us into the play-offs. He deserves the MVP. He has carried this team on his broad shoulders, night after night. Everyone knows what he has done, and yet if we don't make it... they will award it to prince purple-lips. This I cannot bear to see.

This is a call to our boys in red & white: It is time to rise up and play like you mean it! No more of this sharing of three bats among you; Everyone must bring THEIR OWN BAT to the park tomorrow! It is time for our arms to show up at full strength! Come with ALL your pitches tomorrow, Boomer - don't even think about leaving that curve at home - and on a full stomach, mind you; We shall have no distractions this weekend. Play each of these games as if it may be your last... because you know, it just might be. Of course, I know you boys will stay loose. Don't forget that it's a game, and it's ok to have some fun... Don't forget that this is YOUR HOUSE. This is where you play your very best baseball, and boys, it's time... time to play your VERY. BEST. BASEBALL.


Bruce Springsteen said in a song from 1973, ' Mama always told me not to look into the sights of the sun. But Mama, that's where all the fun is." The sights of the sun are at Fenway Park this next 3 days, thanks to Papel and Papi and instant karma. Buckle up for safety at 7pm tonight, or earlier if a pre-game cocktail is warranted. Boomer and his knee versus the surprising (and who ISN'T a surprise over on the other side's pitching staff) Wang. Win 3 and we're in like Flint. Take 2 of 3 and it's off to the Bronx. Start your engines!
Springsteen mojo! Now we're talkin' :-)
//The two games before tonight had all but crushed my spirit. I want to believe, but sometimes our boys make it hard, don't they?//

//Everyone knows what he has done, and yet if we don't make it... they will award it to prince purple-lips. This I cannot bear to see.//

Wow I feel exactly the same way. You summed it up perfectly! I believe those ALDS tickets are blessed with good karma!
You are so welcome for the t-shirt, sweetie. And, geez, it seems to be working, so keep the routine going! I am scrambling here to put a routine of my own together. Last year, my dear cat Greta was still with me and I put her down on the couch in the same spot all 4 winning nights against the Yanks. I put a Sox hat on her back as she slept through the games, all curled up in a little ball of black fur.

This year, I don't know what the f to do with myself.
For iron-ons, it helps to turn the tshirt inside out before you wash it, and also to not run it through the dryer. 'Course it depends what quality of iron-on it is too... I use pretty heavy-duty ones when I bother with 'em.

If you ever start feeling bad about getting to the playoffs after having played like crud, just remember, the Padres got in with a .500 record.
//if a pre-game cocktail is warranted//? IF? actually the game itself has me drinking enough, I guess.

mr.blackn'white, I hope so. I SURE. HOPE. SO.

WCSG, I have donned it yet again. And Papi has walked. Good stuff.

As for the routine, I think it's good to have to find a new one. This is a new year, new team, new situation... lots of things are different, aren't they?

Sam, of course I did that. I am not trying to destroy this shirt that I LOVE. But thanks for the tips anyway. And the play-offs? No, I will not feel guilty if we get there... I'm just trying to set myself up for being consolable if we don't. And, you know, trying to not let my love for the team cloud my judgement.

That situation in the NL west reminds me of the NFL playoff situation last year. It seems a bit unfair when it works out that way, eh?
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