Friday, September 30, 2005


See No Evil

Whew. *wipes brow* Now THAT is what we need from our bullpen, from here on out. I've felt all year that our team has not been collectively playing up to their abilities. It's as if they're taking turns on the field. I hear they lead the league in offense, and I wonder HOW, as I think of the games we have lost for lack of a hit here or there... But all that matters little now. One hundred and sixty games have been played this year, and they might as well not have happened at all, as the season comes down to these LAST TWO.

We need to WIN. and WIN!

Today we had enough to win. Still we are not hitting anything like a "league leading offense". Maybe you all brought your own bats tonight boys, but some of you need to remember how to use them. But keep workin' the count, mind you... those walks really saved our proverbial ass tonight.

I was nervous today, and the uneasiness grew as the sun crept over toward the west. Occasionally my hand would reach toward my throat... clutching at a necklace. My lucky necklace, I think of it sometimes. I found it by chance eleven years ago, on the pavement of a gas station, somewhere in the miles and miles of starbucks and stripmalls of Chicago-area suburbia. It's not fancy or delicate - it might have survived the tires of many a car, who knows; it's just a cord of black leather with a blackened brass pendant: a see-no-evil monkey. Yes, I thought it appropriate, lucky or not.

I just might wear it all weekend. For I wish to see no evil. I shall need the aid of the ARMS this weekend, I imagine, for this to happen. Boy, that would be refreshing, eh? Some good pitching? Of course recently we've come to expect nothing less than excellance from Timmy at least, and we shall need every bit of it tomorrow. I wonder if there's a raindance-like routine for the type of wind we need for the good flutter tomorrow... I might just have to make one up, people.

As I write this, the White Sox have taken the lead at Jacobs Field. And I hope to see no evil on the rubber in the bottom of the thirteenth, as the whiteys are considerate enough to bring out their actual closer, even though they clinched the division yesterday. And despite giving up a homerun, they git 'er done, and Boston and the skanks now hold the division AND wild card leads between them. Sadly, if we manage to sweep this series, it would be too late to root for Cleveland, as they play at 1:05 on Sunday. So we'll just have to hope the White Sox keep on tryin'.

I know its wrong, but I keep on hoping for that last-minute STUFF, that final denial of the play-offs for the skanks, after the hopes of their fans have risen so high... Look, I'm tellin' ya, this is not just a typical yank-hating sox-bullshit spite. This is about KARMA. I don't go around throwin' the ALCS in the faces of skank fans I know - and I know MANY. Sure I might wear my ALCS t-shirts, have a chuckle here and there at the issues they have had this season, and yes, I do tend to grin evilly when the word choke comes up (that one I really can't help at all)... but it's not like I go out of my way. Not like the people who have made a special point to CALL ME ON THE PHONE FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN TO INFORM ME OF THE STANDINGS IN THE AL EAST. As if I didn't know. In the past ten years, these people have grown far too big for their britches. It's nice (and frankly amazing) that they've had to tune in for some of the regular season this year... but I still hold out some hope that that is all they get. Because there are three teams fighting for two spots, and right now all three teams have a pretty equal shot at that early tee time... So why not the skanks? I continue to hope, and if hoping is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Of course, I suppose I have enough on my plate, just cheering on my boys. It really is more important that they get one of those two spots.

and to ensure this, we must win.

Just WIN, boys. AND WIN!!!

Today's recipe that will thrill and delight you, brought to you by the Jimmy Fund and Red Sox baseball, on this, your flagship Sox Blog. Carefully mix one part Red Sox victory. Add to that one part White Sox victory. Mix well by running around the room for two minutes like a madman(woman). The result is a playoff appearance in 2005 for the team from Boston. To prepare the icing, one must wait for Sunday. But the important work will have been done. P.S. For garnish, a garland would be appropriate. P.S. Reb, keep that necklace close you your heart.
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