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Post before Play

Note: I get people here, searching for Karen Varitek, every day. If it's pictures of Karen that you are looking for, you might want to check out this more recent post.

Looks like I missed a beaut last night... always seems to happen to me. My friend Christin called to say the sox were on Queer Eye. Girl, you think I was not all over that? Truly, I would have loved to watch the re-run to provide some more in-depth notes for you folks. I would have preferred even more to watch 94 pitches of beauty by David Wells. I even would have settled for watching Joe Torre freak out and yell at the umpire (woah, ya don't see that every day!) while getting ejected, despite the fact that the evil bastards won. Actually, almost anything would've been better than painting like a madwoman last night, as I have been all week.

In my rush to publish yesterday, I forgot to mention the sox wives. It was really neat to see the players & wives in the show. They had a pow-wow in the clubhouse, and Karen Varitek said this was new for them... they NEVER enter the clubhouse. Afterward one of the guys said "I can't believe we just let them in here" and I wonder if he meant the Fab 5 or the wives.

I knew about it, but was still sad that Jeana Millar couldn't make the filming. It would have been interesting to see the woman who tolerates Kev on a daily basis. All the women seemed pretty nice, but I really don't understand the obsession with Michelle Damon. SIX people have hit my site in the last two days looking for pics of that chick. Of course, I got on the search engines by mentioning that I did NOT get a pic of her. Sorry to disappoint you, folks. And I don't care to have one, either. (But Jen has one, and also a good review of the show.) One wife I was impressed with was Karen Varitek. Why does it not surprise me that Captain has the anti-stereotypical ballplayer's wife: brainy brunette. He's a smart guy, that Jason Varitek, and Karen seems like a very genuine person.

So, back to real baseball...
I'm happy Edgah smashed one in his old hometown. Papi rocks... I'm glad to see him in his groove. Especially while he is playing 1st base to stay in the line-up. I always worry when Millar ends up in the outfield... but I've also been worried about him warming the bench this week. His bat finally got hot this weekend, and no one wants to see that cool off (um, except for maybe our dear helmet-head.) And last night it was all good... apparently. I didn't see the game, remember. Did anyone get a hit on Kevvy's lack of range? let me know.
Foulkie, I see you managed to create some more excitement for yourself last night. You crazy thrill-seeker, you. Why don't you take up sky-diving or bungee-jumping, let the nation breathe a little easier in the ninth?
Captain, oh Captain... is there anyone who hustles like you do? What a travesty that the fab 5 made you up to look like a Hall-of-Fame football player; you are ALL baseball, through and through. It is unbelievable how consistant you have been this year at helping us win in all phases of the game. I'm not sure it's possible for us fans to fully appreciate what you do. Rockin' RBI doubles are just the tip of the iceberg, but we love 'em. Keep 'em comin'.

Sox start a series tomorrow at Wrigley field. I am dying to see it, and at least two of the games will be nationally televised. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much I'll get to see. My man picks me up in an hour for five days in PA with his family. I love his family, and have not seen them in over three years (long story) so I'm really looking forward to it... but my man is not all that into baseball. He knows how I love it, and will probably try to accomodate me for at least one game, but who knows how things will play out this weekend. Likewise, I really can't promise any posts; don't be surprised if I am MIA until next Wednesday. But if you really can't get enough Reb Sox, you could always peruse my extremely limited archive... and keep checking, 'cause you never know.

Oh, the woes of a non-Red Sox man. Sister. I wrote the book. At times, he takes interest. He'll walk into the room in the middle of an at-bat and say (after the hitter takes a ball or a strike): He missed it. That was his pitch. Arms folded, all-knowing stance. Other times, we have "words" about who gets to watch what. I think we both try to be fair, but I hate not getting my way with the game.

I love Shonda, Curt's wife. Did you ever hear the story about Shonda and the red scarves? I won't go into detail except to say that Michelle "Crazy Boobs" Damon comes off as a real ass. I share Empy's feelings on the trophy wife (see her April archive:

Have a safe trip!
Hey look, it's the opposite of every problem I've ever had.
But, the same. As a human. As a red sox fan.
I really don't understand how google ranks pages. I can accept the disturbingly high google rank and weird visitors looking for Michelle Damon photos. I do have labeled NESN screencaps in my blog.

It's the #2 google rank for ""tiffany ortiz" pictures" that disturbs me. I have no Tiffany Ortiz pictures in my blog.
WCSG- trophy wife maybe, but she can have him. i can't imagine johnny's a great conversationalist.

Butchie's cute. He doesn't really feign interest, but does watch sometimes even when I'm not around, I suspect just so he can talk to me about it.

Andrew- I wonder if being with another sports fanatic would tip the ship for me... maybe it's good to have someone to point out what else is going on.

twitch124- isn't it fascinating, what people search for. and that google can't differentiate the words from the actual existance of a picture. i wonder if i will ranke higher now that i've mentioned twice that I don't have a pic of Michelle Damon.
Did you end up going to the play the other night? hmm. maybe I should check your blog for a review... except i'm on a dial-up connection, and i'd better get off soon in case anyone here needs the phone.

I am so addicted to my cable modem, people. I am going crazy here in this peaceful internet-free environment.
He IS cute, isn't he? But you know, there is cable modem in the middle of just need to know where to look! Think: A corona, a lime, cable modem: OH MY!
Cool blog. I'm making one, too. Don't know what to say yet, but hey.
I've heard that blogs tend to end up with high google ranks because they're so interlinked and update frequently, even though they're graded down pretty harshly for being random people on the web. An interesting post gets linked to by other bloggers, even if the the post says "Go Away! I don't have photos!", the original blogger reacts to the visitors, and google notices.

I did see "Take Me Out" and really enjoyed it. It's a good production. There's one large image in my review, a scan of the postcard ad for the show, so you may want to wait until you get back to somewhere with civilized bandwidth.
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