Thursday, June 02, 2005


Open Letters

Bronson, As freaked out as I was to see you walking out there, nice to see you get back on the horse. See, those batters didn't really know what was coming...

Oh Captain, that grand slam just keeps eluding you, doesn't it? This time by a lineup change... didn't even get a shot at it. No one could have forseen that situation.

And Kelly, don't fret! All of the nation felt for you last night, in that pressured situation & still trying to get your first hit. You'll get it. Just remember, even if you had hit a grand slam last night, the boys in the dugout would've had to bite their tongues and ignore you.

I feel bad for the kid too... you know he was up there thinking 'no way this should be me instead of Tek.' But, it'll come.
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