Thursday, June 02, 2005



"What is so rare as a day in June," as my father likes to say...
It's gorgeous out, and I love it, but here in Red Sox Nation it feels like a dense fog.

At best we will go .500 against the O's this week. We really need to be winning these games, especially with the yanks suckin' wind in Kansas City. (hee hee.) And it really seems like we ought to be winning these games, too. But for some reason, every single one of our pitchers is getting afflicted with BP fever at random times...and the bats - in a line-up like this, you would think we could get more than three guys hitting consistently at the same time...

Ah, but it is June, and rumors are afoot. Mid-season is trade season, and for us the season of speculation. After all, Theo is by far the best GM in baseball. He is god - of the fate of Red Sox Nation, pulling the strings with the help of his think-tank to try and fix whatever the hell it is that is so inexplicably WRONG with our team. At some point in the next two months, moves WILL be made and the team will change a bit overnight. And all we can do in the meantime is wonder and ponder...

(thanks Andrew for cluing me in on Evan's links. It was really neat to see, since I read that article on Goatriders way before I knew what a blog even was. Sometimes I use links as sortof... Footnotes, I guess. Thanks to Joy of Sox, my site has had MAD traffic in the last 36 hours, so I'd better make sure everyone knows what I'm referencing here. )

In Theo we trust. Damn straight.
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