Saturday, June 04, 2005


yankee fans nervous - in June

My sister Beth is far too smart to be a yankee fan. I don't know what she's doing with that team. Her husband was stating emphatically tonight that Joe Torre is getting canned. My sister names some instances where she thought he was remiss in his lineup decisions. I mentioned how I heard that the Yankees had all those team meetings, and she kindof chilled out about Torre. She said there were a lot of fly balls over the heads of outfielders, and she thought they were not playing people correctly. And that's a scouting issue. I hope they DO fire Torre, 'cause he seems like a great guy and a good manger, and surely he would be a scapegoat for a greater cancer that will continue to cripple the high-rollin' chokers.
I know what you're thinking: Yankee fans are even watching right now? Hey, that's what I've been thinking all spring. Things seem a little bit different this year, don't they?
My bro-in-law says it doesn't matter, no one's going to overtake the O's. Beth says "Honey, you forget, there's still a lot of baseball left. We usually don't start watching until after the all-star break." *classic*

And yes, the yanks lost to the twins. *yipee!* Plus, I got the sox on their computer. Literally, I loaded it up just in time to see the score was 4-4. Then Damon hit the ball, and it was 7-4. How's that for timing?

I'm just wondering one thing:
Foulkie, getting hitters out just isn't enough excitement for you, now that you've won a world series, is it? You must be addicted to the adrenaline of that tight situation, do or die... gotta load those bases up, before you can get the last out, so you can feel the ultimate pressure. You're a funny guy, and I know you want to entertain us out there, but really, this is not that amusing. Please stop. please.

Oh, that was a nail biter (9th inning)! But, my cystal ball (it's the law in Salem) told me not to worry.

I agree - Torre is an honorable man, but George isn't stupid (well, that's debatable). If anyone gets canned, I think it would be Cashman. Isn't the Yankee farm system a joke? Joe can manage his little heart out, but when your resources aren't cutting it, what can you do? I mean, he went as far as benching Williams this year and I think that's huge. Poor Cashman. My friend was telling me that - before cell phones - Cashman had to carry pockets of change around while he went on vacation - just in case he needed to contact George on route to where ever. Maybe his surname isn't Cashman at all. Maybe George gave him that name as a joke because of all the change.
It is ironic his name is cashman; maybe you're onto something there. I told Beth that scouting was Cashman's responsibility & the guy will nevah evah be as good as theo, no matter how much cash you give the man.
A sports show up here intimated last night that Mattingly was increasingly on the hot seat. Now, what a Toronto sports show knows that other people don't... who can say. So take it with a grain of salt.

I suppose Stein probably won't fire himself?
The sports shows in NYC act like Donny can't be fired.

About Cashrobot. I gotta believe George knows it's been his own vetos of Cash that have screwed things up so many times. George's track record tells me that eventually Torre will go. I hope he does fire Joe, because I'd like to see what happens with the fans and the team in that scenario. Any chaos is good. Also, since Stottlemyre was named by George this season, there's a chance he goes.

Classic line, indeed, about the all-star break. Funny when they admit things like that.
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