Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Captain speaks magic incantation

That was scary for a little bit, with Wade's pitches flying all over the place. 'Tek had to leap up to catch the highest pitch I've ever seen. I was freaked, since we just used Halama yesterday, and figured we'd end up using everyone in the bullpen. Once again, I was dying to hear what was said on the mound. Dave Wallace came out, and Captain was up there, too, of course, and after Wallace left, Captain had quite a bit more to say.
And whatever he said, it must've been gold.
Wade ended up throwing 108 pitches. He only gave up 5 hits in 7 innings. Silly me for doubting him. Isn't baseball great? One minute you can be condemning a player, thinking they're all washed up or just plain suck, calling for their trade or retirement etc., or in this case freaking out with concern of an injury issue, and the next minute all is fine with the world again.

Oh speaking of injuries, my hunch on Johnny Damon is this: they didn't even ASK him how he felt. They're not going to be taking any chances with Johnny's head; it needs ALL those brain cells. He'll be under observation for the next 24 hours. We'll know he's fine if he starts tomorrow.

Nice work at the plate tonight by Papi, Edgah, & Bellhorn. And I don't know about you, but I'm starting to like Olerud already. I'd rather have everyone be hitting, but it's nice that we can come out with a win with just a few guys doing it.

the icing on the cake? The Yankees lost to the Royals, currently the worst team in baseball. The game was still on when the sox had won, so I switched over. A commercial for tomorrow night's game invited yankee fans to "join YES tomorrow night when the yankees hand another loss to the Royals in Kansas City." Wouldn't count on it, suckas.

Scary was the thought that Johnny D. wouldn't be out on patrol in center field. Whewww! The O's were Millerized, and I think with each start he will get even more enjoyable to watch as he uses all his weapons, sorta like Petey when you KNEW he was "on." Let's hope Scill is back in 4 weeks. Nice rotation
C'mon Wake, flutter away. Peter N. in Conn.
Jason is so invaluable, it's not even funny!

Yanks losing to the Royals. Too much. I am not sure who was to blame for that one, other than Stink Town Brown. Is Matsui still in a slump?

Oh - speaking of the Royals - I am trying to locate Morgan Burkhart. Curious as to his whereabouts. I just love that guy. Last I heard, he went from the Royals to the White Sox, but he isn't listed on their 40 man roster and I didn't see him on any of the minor league rosters. He was with the Red Sox for like, 2 days. But 2 wonderful days. Am I romanticizing this in my mind? Was he really that great? It could have been that he was a bright spot in the old, less threatening line up. I also like to say his name, Boston style: Maw-gin Burk-aht!
And sure enough, the Yankees lose 3-0 to the Royals. That's really gotta hurt, huh?

Of course, the Sox didn't com up smelling like roses either, but... at least we screwed up against actual major league baseball players, rather than overpaid AAAers.
Peter N. - I love our rotation, too, in concept, but the theme with our pitchers this year has been inconsistancy. I never know what to expect, and I don't think Captain does either, at this point.

WCSG - aren't we glad to have Andrew for these roster updates? I get a hankering for certain players because I like saying their names, too. I was a Bruschi fan from the moment he was drafted.

Andrew - the YES network really is too arrogant for their own good, aren't they?
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