Friday, June 03, 2005


Sweep in KC

I bet when my lovely yankee fan neighbors here in Fairfield County envisioned a sweep in Kansas City, this was not the type they had in mind.

despite the sub-par ball our boys have played against the O's, I can't help but gloat.

My friend Bobby came over last night to show me video from his trip to Puerto Rico, where he is claiming some inherited land and planning a farm. Bobby is a yankee fan, so naturally he wanted to avoid the subject of baseball altogether last night. And I, of course, insisted on torturing him with my Reb & Jere post. I sucked him in with my pic of Olerud, and managed the subtle dig through context (i.e. the game they played that day.) Hee Hee. He's supposed to pass the address on to local sox fan John B., so John, please comment to confirm.

One of my three yankee-fan sisters (the one who actually watches the games) asked me if I saw what Pavano did when he returned to the dugout. Why, yes, in fact, I did. He looked so mad throwing that glove, I'm surprised he didn't pull a Kevin Brown. Poor Carl, this year just isn't starting out too well for him, is it? I guess that's what happens when you make a career decision based on what hat your mama owns.

I normally watch YES with the volume OFF. This is because I HATE that Michael Kay, but it's a bonus that it infuriates my bro-in-law whenever he's over & wants to see the game. Last night, after the top of the ninth made me sufficiently uncomfortable, it finally ended and I turned the volume ON. I guess there are some YES post-game shows I really don't want to miss:-)

This whole series, according to the YES announcers & staff, is completely inexplicable. Unbelievable. Unimaginable. Kay mentioned several LOB situations, saying if those had turned out differently, this whole series could have been completely different. No shit, Kay, you mean if you could change history, it would make it different? Michael Kay, you are an IDIOT. Then they go on to comment about how the yanks have had something like FIVE team meetings in the last SIX days. Maybe that's too many. That many meetings can be counter-productive. So in the same breath where they say it's too many meetings, (and no, I can't keep track of which guy said what, EVER, sorry) they suggest that Torre needs to have another meeting and YELL this time. Really, I would love to see that.

One of the very few benefits of living in Fairfield County is occasionally getting to see post-game shows like that one. It was delicious.

I like when the title of a post by a Sox fan is unashamedly about the yanks losing. This is so natural to me, the way I was brought up. Terrible job by anybody who says, "Worry about your own team, bla bla bla, I'm a little whining choker, terrible job by my sorry ass, yadda yadda yadda, wah wah wah..."
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