Sunday, June 05, 2005


Rally Monkey

Shortly after Captain Cheese blew the game up (AGAIN) yesterday, my sister arrived to pawn off my neice. Ellie loves my room, so she's super-cool about hanging out on my bed, watching the game. She's at an age right now where moving around, grabbing things, and putting them in her mouth is her main focus... but every once in a while, she looks up at the baseball game.

So I ask you: if you just happened to have a baby on your bed who was born on October 27th, 2004, and you also just happened to have a Red Sox onesie just her size in the very same room, and the sox needed a rally, what would you do?

Elle checks on the game
Right, so, it didn't work.

Elle is rather unimpressed by sox pitching
Actually it backfired. The Angels rallied. Jere said it was because I called her a "rally monkey", which is apparently a concept invented by Angel fans. Who knew? Ok, well I didn't. Or if I did, I forgot a long time ago.

She is darned cute, though, isn't she?

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