Sunday, June 05, 2005


El Rey del Queso

I know I'm not alone in basically wanting to cut Alan Embree's arm off with a chainsaw right now. Attempting to stave off the vomit as Embree strolled to the mound yesterday, I reminded myself that he has in fact had some GOOD outings this year, they're just not as easy to remember as the bad ones.
well we all know what kind he had yesterday.
I think my readers know that I'm not really a stat analyst. And let me tell you, ERA for a reliever is basically jibberish to me. Relievers have good outings, and bad outings, and ERA does not tell that story effectively, in my opinion. So to get a better grip on Embree's pitching this year, I decided to look at his game log. I looked through the stats on each game, and put them into one of three categories: Good, Not Good, & Disgustingly Awful.

my, um, extremely high-tech analysis of Alan Embree's '05 appearances
Since I don't know how to graph charts of this type on my computer, this will have to do for now.

The big surprise for me was how many good appearances he's made. Also, I've decided that his next appearance will most likely be lights out, based on the trend illustrated in my high-tech chart up there.

Don't you think that us chicks who dig baseball should do a team blog? I mean....I have a friend in chicago..there's Finy over at Miles from Fenway, there's me, there's must know some...think we can drag some girls in from all over the country?

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