Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Queer Eye doesn't know what's HOT

Last night jere showed me the full-screen option on my God, am I an idiot. I can't tell you how many games I have watched in that tiny little box, with the full-screen option staring me right in the face. Wow. So the picture is distorted, which makes it really difficult to see the ball, but now I can turn my monitor and watch it from my bed. So last night I had the sox on the left on my monitor, and yanks on the tv on the right. The sound is fed into the same system, so I could just switch from one to the other at whim. When we heard about Pedro's shot at the no-no, we switched over to MSG for awhile... yeah, I think it was only two batters, actually, before we saw the homerun shot. figures.

So at least the state of the game gave me no qualms about turning the sound over to BRAVO at ten. I marked the channel & time on my calender about three months ago, a convenient reminder.

I like the fab five. I think they produced the show pretty well, and I love what they did for the little kiddies. (by the way... I'm sure at least one of those kids is parented by conservative christians; how come we haven't heard any noise from them? Oh, it must be ok to associate with gays if they are giving away free stuff.)

But they really, really fell down on the makeover job. All of the outfits were pretty much horrible. Was it some kind of queer joke to make our boys wear pinstripes, or do they really not know any better? Nice research. Whoever made that call ought to get the axe. But I think they did the worst with Captain. Ok, 'tek's no Matt Mantei, but he is cute in his own tough guy way:

AP Photo
Look at what those queer guys did to him:

Captain's queer outfit - Photo courtesy of Bravo
I can only assume they put him in that heinous gold jacket to minimize his enormous legs. What were they thinking? Don't you know, queer guys, we love to see Jason's amazing thighs? And are those flip-flops?

For those of you out there who have never known waxing: Kudos to Captain; he really took it like a champ. I can't blame Kevvy at all for crying like a baby... it's worth it, but it really does hurt.

I vote for the first picture. Ugh. He looks horrible made over..take the jacket OFF
I managed to miss this... I'm upset at myself. It's not even like I missed it for something interesting, I was mostly just glued to GameDay Audio praying that no one on the Sox would get hurt by an errant beanball.

So how was it?
ok - so how do you cure the "Real Player error" that I get every time I try to use the large screen option? Last night was Red Sox on TV on MLB Extra Innings with mute button used, and volume on laptop - I will struggle even more to listen to Buck on Fox games, and in our march to back to back WS, after the last couple of days.
amy- the jacket's the worst, but it's all awful. Take everything off!

andrew- it was ok. it's on Bravo; you'll have many chances.

neil h.- I don't get it... why are you using MLB.TV if you have extra innings? The tv picture is much better. We used to be able to do this & hear the radio instead, but with this stupid delay... if there MUST be a delay, why can't it be consistant? I didn't get an error... I'm no computer wiz, but it might be your system; you should first make sure you have the latest version of Real Player properly installed. But really, I would much prefer to see it on tv, where I could actually see the ball.

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