Monday, June 06, 2005


The View From the Smith Residence

I read jere's post this morning before looking up at the title: Life's a Beached Whale. I nearly fell off my chair laughing. It had no relation to his post, and only three people could know what he's talking about, so let me fill you in:

Around the fourth inning, we went out on the deck during a commercial to check out the view overlooking the sound. There is a jetty out into the sound directly in front of the building jere's parents live in. I noticed a woman laying face down on the rocks, near the end of the jetty. If she were wearing a bathing suit, I would just assume she was sunning her back, but only her calves were showing between bermuda shorts, socks & sneakers. Jere's dad (also Jere) looked out with his binoculars. Jere said it looked like she had fallen out of a plane and landed there. Mary-Ann (jere's mom) said she thought she had seen that woman with a group of nuns (I don't know how she could tell, from so far away, and with her head facing the rocks like that,) and I said perhaps she was lying prostrate in prayer, and Mary-Ann suggested she may have just fallen asleep there after praying all night. Jere said she looked like a beached whale. Which was really funny, but also mean, and let me just say that while the woman was not exactly trim, I have seen many americans larger than that, let alone whales.

She was laying like that for a long time. She kindof blended into the rocks from up where we were, so after awhile we didn't notice her unless we looked for her. I think it was the eighth when we saw that she was gone. I was glad to know that she wasn't dead, as had been suggested.

I've been trying to relate this illustration to the red sox, and in so doing demonstrate how "Life's a Beached Whale." Here's what I've come up with:
On Saturday, our bullpen looked like they were dead on the rocks. The next day they got up and pitched with no problem. Also, many of us have wondered if Millar still has a pulse this spring. Suddenly Kentucky Fried Kev is showing signs of life. So yeah, just when you think our team is "dead in the water" or on the rocks, whatever, things can change pretty quickly.

The "fell out of a plane" line was mine, too, actually. No way I'm losing out on credit for that one.
Oh yeah, I guess I just read it wrong. You did credit me for the plane line. I'm an
I remembered the-woman-who-fell-from-the-plane from the group of nuns by the hair-do. You would tend to have a really bad hair day after you've been wearing a tight veil 16/7 for forty years. Presumably, she doesn't sleep with it on since she doesn't sunbathe with it on.
Not that I have anything against nuns. Some of my best friends married Jesus.
It was good to meet you, Reb-Dog. I wish I could be a smart person like you. You probably made the sweater yourself.
From Jere's Mom (Mary-Ann)
Mary-Ann, you flatter me. Sure, I can knit, but I didn't do the sweater...I wish I did; it's awfully cute. As for being smart, well I'm not the one writing novels, now, am I?
I've barely started yours, and it seems my man's mom is trying to steal it from me. Not really, I'm sure she'll be done with it by the time I leave on Tuesday. And then maybe I'll get to read more.
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