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Note: I get people here, searching for Karen Varitek, every day. If it's pictures of Karen that you are looking for, you might want to check out this more recent post.

I cannot pretend to have a clue as to what is going on in Red Sox Nation, having been whisked away to Sunshine Farm, the middle-of-nowhere, Pennsylvania for a full five days.

The view from Sunshine Farm
As Jessiee pointed out in my comments, I was not entirely without access to high speed internet, but I hardly think letting my head get sucked into a computer monitor would be a great way to endear myself to possible future in-laws.

On Sunday, when my man got into a lengthy gaming discussion with a friend, I snuck a peek at my stats, and first caught wind of Cardnilly's antics. I feel silly responding to this so late, but there is something I would like to note on this topic. Scott no willy cruised the sox blogosphere hoping to find a bit of praise for his team, or at least much weeping and gnashing of teeth over the utterly embarrassing performances various sox players contributed to in the first two games of a three game rematch. A rematch of the recent world series by which Scott no willy was surely disappointed, something us sox fans can relate to. Imagine poor Scott no willy's sadness when he could hardly find a blog acknowledging the two games at all.

I admit to you readers, I did not address those two games very closely. I can understand if Scott no willy perceived my blog as meaningless chatter. I'm not much of a stats & analysis girl, anyway. To be fair, the timing was pretty poor (queer eye? Why would I not prefer to cover that over a blowout?) But there is another factor Scott no willy is most likely unaware of: we've gotten used to it. We have seen so many horrifying games this spring, so much inconsistency on the mound AND at the plate by players whom we feel sure (for the most part) are better than that. If I start harping on the same things over and over, it will drive me crazy. The only thing I found truly noteworthy in those two games was the quality outing by Embree, as predicted. And yes, I really ought to have mentioned it, and the fact that Tito wasted it on a hopeless cause.

Theo seems a bit baffled with the utter haplessness of our ball-club, and so am I. There does not seem to be a specific area to fix. The team has really worked together on this one. They take turns, one by one, and just when you start to feel safe with a particular guy on the mound or at the plate, that guy suddenly self-destructs. A select few have a rather high implosion rate and I'm sure your brain is shouting their names as you read this. Because of the brilliant performances we see in between the CRAP, I'm not sure what to think of our bullpen at all. I might be breaking out the charts again soon for a pitcher efficiency consistency comparison. (I will use real numbers this time.) I worry that my reluctance to completely condemn certain obvious culprits makes my blog as dry and dull and noncommittal as milquetoast. But the flashes of brilliance confuse me, and the completeness with which the disgusting suckiness has pervaded the entire team makes me worry instead about the coaches and trainers. For example, the bullpen: Embree has been awful, but only half the time. Everyone else in the pen has been awful at times, too. They have also all had fantastic outings. The talent is clearly there... Why has no one been up Bill Haselman's ass about this?

Maybe it seems out of turn for me to be mentioning this after a three game winning streak... That's just it, people, WE ARE EXCITED ABOUT A THREE GAME WINNING STREAK.

I did actually watch the game last night, and became acutely aware of the no-no much earlier than I ought to have been. David Wells is the balls. I was excited when theo got him, and his outings for much of this spring have been intensely disappointing to me. It looked like the dude was done, didn't it? Were it not for his two earlier brilliant outings (one was at Camden, i remember) after giving up those back-to-back-to-back longballs, I would've been screaming for his head a month ago, just like Witch City Sox Girl. (I will be sure to mention this when I meet her at the game w/ jere & empy tonight;-) Suddenly Boomer is back to looking just as he should: like the staff ace. One thing I noticed: in the past few outings, Wells has been around 90 pitches in the eighth, in easy reach of a complete game. Last night, despite giving up just one hit, Boomer hit 100 pitches in the seventh. If he had continued his bid for a no-no, would he have lasted?

So yes, I am going to the game tonight. I will return with pictures (weather permitting). In the meantime, here are some things I missed while gone:

And, until tomorrow, have a good one.

They still had tickets left when I saw it, but the run ends in 2 weeks. The show I attended was sold out. Your friend should call the box office now and see what's available.

My seat was in the middle of row K, the very last row. I could see everything but the very front edge of the stage. It's a small, well designed theater. I don't think any of the seats in it have a bad view.
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