Wednesday, June 15, 2005


As If...

I forgot to bring my cell phone charger on my trip. I do indeed get reception out there, but had to turn my phone off before it died. So I really was MIA. My sister Beth went to the trouble on Monday to look up my man's parents' phone number. When I got the call, I thought there must be an emergency, and I guess there was, um, to her.

Beth told me her husband had gotten ahold of "the good seats" (front row, near home plate; if these are not Steinbrenner's actual seats, they're pretty close.) for yankee stadium on Wednesday (that's today.) She wanted to know if I would be back, and if I could babysit. I said yes, I would be back, and no I could not babysit, as I would be at Fenway. "Oh, no! I guess we won't be able to go then..." Seriously, my sister actually tried to guilt trip me on this one. I couldn't believe it. And you know what? She hadn't bothered to ask anyone else. Yes, I realize that I am one of the few people they trust with Elle. And for good reason, as the girl is an absolute charm for me, but if my dad tries to watch her, she's screaming all night. But seriously. "As much as I love you," I told my sister," there is no fucking way I am cancelling my trip to Fenway just so you can see the yanks."

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