Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Cut Manny Some Slack

Leading up to the Derby last night, I had ESPN on in the background as I roamed the apartment. I kept hearing the same crap we've seen spewed about for the past week, and it started to grate on me. The national media seems to regard Manny's knee as a phantom problem... an excuse to get out of something he doesn't want to do. They use the nineteen innings played on Sunday to evidence that Manny's knee is just fine.

Sure, Manny doesn't exactly bask in the limelight the way we are accustomed to seeing with most players of his caliber. He's a bit shy and would prefer to be left alone - he's even described as paranoid. It wouldn't surprise anyone if Manny would rather not deal with the "honor" of the flashbulbs and interviews and national spotlight of the All-Star Game.

The press has taken that view and run with it. They paint Manny's absence as a snub to the millions of fans who have voted him in... but let's not forget who really feels snubbed. For two years one of the most premier players in all of baseball has refused to talk them - and gotten away with it. Tired of trying to read between the expressions, the press has become increasingly aggressive in guessing what Manny's up to in his head (a pointless effort if you ask me; it's likely all kittens and rainbows in there.) It's almost as if they are trying to goad Manny into talking, which is also a complete waste of time.

In case there's anyone reading this that doesn't actually watch the Red Sox games and check the team site at least weekly, I should let you know that Manny's knee has been bothering him for at least two months. He doesn't like to take games off, but I know he's had one or two extra just to rest his knee. He's taken out of every game we are winning by a comfortable margin (which seems to be two or more now that we've got the Papel-bot), usually for a pinch runner in the seventh or so. As for the nineteen-inning marathon in Chicago on Sunday, people are reading faaaaar too much into that. In a game like that, every player move must be made carefully or you will run out of them. Manny's a competitor, sore knee or not; in a tight game, he wants to be in there, and you'd have to be crazy to take his bat out of the lineup. Of course he was out there.

I can understand why American League fans might be disappointed by Manny's absence. This one silly game makes a difference - as in one extra home game for the winning league - and Manny's bat could make a difference in any one game. This is exactly why Red Sox fans support Manny in missing the All-Star game this season... and why many yankee fans and blue jay fans and maybe even white sox and tigers fans are upset about it. Because missing this one game means three days off for Manny, which means two or three or maybe even a whole lot more games he'll be making a difference in down the stretch, and not for the whole AL, but exclusively for the Boston Red Sox.

So belly-ache all you want, people; we know the real reason you're upset about Manny not showing up this year, and we here in Red Sox Nation are just fine with it.

You are right the whole thing is riduculous. If Manny does not want to go to the All-Star game, whatever the reason, that is his decision to make.

The All-Star game is not mandatory, last time I checked.

I hate it when the tools in the press get up on their high horse about this kind of stuff.
When one needs a rest, one needs a rest:

Why don't the "Clairol Boys" @ "FOX Saturday Baseball" give it a rest, not to mention their use of their "Glamour Enhancements;

Tim & Joe, please SHUT UP;

I'm just annoyed by the inference that Manny's knee is fine and he just doesn't care about going to the All-star game. who knows what Manny cares about... but anyone who follows the red sox knows his knee is bothering him. sure, other guys are making the trip to show their faces even though they can't play, but Manny is not a face guy. If he's not going to play, there's no point in him going because he's not going to be giving interviews and posing for pics anyway.
If they get mad at him for being a day late for spring training, shouldn't they be happy when he doesn't show up for something that's the opposite: pomp and circumstance?

Oh, right, the game "counts." But still, if it didn't count for that one extra game in the WS, they'd be just as mad at him.
And if Manny did play in the All-Star game and somehow screwed up his knee, then people like Mazz and CHB would be all over him for not taking the chance to rest and ruining the Red Sox chances in the 2nd half so he could play in a semi-meaningless game.

You can't win with these guys. F the media.

Other than that I have no strong opinions on this subject :-P
And did you hear what lunacy Selig has come up with, somehow, in that barren land called his mind? Banning selected pitchers from pitching on the Sunday before the Tuesday game. Hello?? Anyone in there, Bud? Take care Reb.
Have you checked out the piece on Manny over at Boston Sports Media Watch? Great article on Manny's place in history and the perception of him in the local media:


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