Thursday, June 01, 2006


Let's Get Out of Canada

So our boys pulled that one off. And to think ::hangs head sheepishly:: I was afraid to watch. Silly me.

The ferocious Tigers of Detroit continue to roll over and mew helplessly with the skanks in town. Pathetic. Last night they failed to take advantage of a grossly depleted lineup, dropping their fourth game in a row, with three of those gifted to the bombers. Maybe Jeter, Damon and Sheffield will all be out for a game we play them in. Think so? *Eh NO, Peg*.

Anyway, I did see some of that game, and must hail the impressiveness of our young studly arms. See, I totally missed the Pauley start (which, from what I read, seems like quite the frightening adventure) but the VB/DC tag team is workin' it. Maybe by the end of the season we can get enough young arms up so we don't need the z-boys.


I was starting to really like Wily Mo out there. Now it looks like he'll be taking a little break from us rabid fans...It sounds like this could hold Wily back all year. Fortunately it comes at a time when Coco has made it back to the lineup and Kaplar looks to be about a week away. What is it with this revolving outfield? Ah, well. Not as bad as the skanky situation, at least. The timing of these injuries seems to be working out in a roster-room-favorable way.

I took a peek forward in the rotation, mostly to stress myself out. Who will we be putting out there on the 6th to face the skanks? To make matters worse, we have a double-whammy on the tenth (make-up game v. Rangers) and no day off until the 12th. That's three games we don't have a starter for: the 6th, 10th, and 11th. Not cool. Today's day off is in the wrong spot. Rocky roads ahead, kids; brace yourselves. We'll need some offensive potency like last night to get through this stretch.

We need a HEALTHY Mikey lowell. A 4 starter. A 5 starter. Need I go on? But all in all, we are going to be OK. Optimistic me. Have a great weekend.
Lowell will be fine, minor injuries are part of this game and the Lowell types tend to play through them still performing. The starters will be fine except for Matt (DIHL) Clement (who I never liked. Look for Wells on the 11th to pitch again.
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