Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Gray Skies

That had to happen. With the Nation leaning on him to lift our spirits, I knew in the back of my mind that Beckett was due for a bad start. Back-to-back meatballs served over the plate to Vernon Wells and Troy Glaus proved to be just the appetizer for Blue Jay fans (all 26 of them who weren't busy scouting Edmonton's potential Stanley Cup Cinderella spoilers.)

So far this road trip is going about as well as my love life: exciting at times, but ultimately disappointing. And, to add insult to injury, more of the same was happening in Detriot. The Tigers staged a comeback from a 5-0 deficit to tie the game at six... only to lie down and provide the masochism whips in the 11th for an 11-6 beat-down from the skanks. To those of you limited to reading a recap online, I can assure you that it was excruciating to watch; In fact, I ended up having to leave the room before I could hurt myself trying to drop-kick the television.

With my lingering angst and pent-up violence from the last couple of days of baseball viewing, this link (in my inbox this morning from Jay from LA) really hit the spot. Now if only there was a way to pit the Farns against Gary Sheffield... (or any of his current teammates, for that matter.)


Meanwhile our view from the wide-angle lens has started to look bleak as well. It may be only rumor, but I'm still losing hope on the Clemens deal... just like any relationship, the more desperate you are to have someone, the less likely you are to get 'em. My only consolation here is the strong assertion that Roger is even less likely to end up in pinstripes. That just might be good enough for me.

Other things that might cheer you up:

Tonight our FO tests the mettle of a kid who hasn't even seen AAA, let alone the majors. Make sure your liquor cabinet (and/or other sedative of choice) is stocked tonight if you plan to experience Pauley making the start against a guy who's GOTTA BE LONG OVERDUE to have a shitty night against our boys in red.

Sauerback was spotted yet again under a bush near the golf course in my territory. BEWARE. And it does look like a done deal for Roger staying home with his family and the Astros. But it was not an easy decision for him. At least from what I hear. Take care. Keep an eye on bushes in your area.
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It was a duplicate. My bad.
Actually, William Roger Clemens loves The Stage;

There's one leaving in 15 minutes.
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