Saturday, June 10, 2006


FOX Finally Does the Right Thing

Jere & I have been highly amused this season by the many FOX 61 commercials we've seen on NESN. I had even planned to write them an e-mail about how this might backfire as anti-advertising to real sox fans. You see last year, just like many, many times in previous years, when given a choice between Red Sox and Yankees games for their game of the week, FOX-61 in Hartford chose Yankees... EVERY blippin' time. And the good folks down here in Southern Connecticut get screwed AGAIN.

So today when I realized that the young Jon Lester's Major League debut would be on FOX, I feared I might not even be able to order it on MLB.TV. I will be babysitting my nieces, you see, as the sis and bro-in-law will hopefully be watching the A's beat the ever-lovin' snot out of their beloved bombers.

The biggest drawback to the extra innings package is that you can't take it with you. As it turns out, that's not such a big deal today... FOX-61 has come to its senses. Maybe they had enough of hate mail and bomb threats. Maybe they got rid of the evil Steinbrenner mole who had been skewing their viewer statistics. Maybe they were forced to sign a contract of faithfulness in order to advertise on NESN. To whatever tipped the scales, I am grateful, and I also think I might send an e-mail of appreciation. If you are watching today's game on FOX-61, I encourage you to do so as well. Usually people only write in to complain, so a flood of positivity over the Sox game might ensure many more to come.

As we used to say in my native Brooklyn,
"It's About friggin' Time."
Hartford is Truly New England. Why carry a Signal from NYC?

But then, Stein-Evil has radio affiliates in VT, MA, CT & NH, as well as NY, NJ, PA, NC, AR, NV, AZ & Alaska over 38 stations.

It's an "Evil Empire" in sheer coverage, alone.
But, the weather did NOT cooperate;

The Good News is that TDskankees got spanked, AGAIN.
Before YES came into being, the Fox61 rationale was that ALL the Sox games were available on TV, but not all the Yankee ones. So whenever it was "pick and choose" time, they chose the Yankees. Now, with 58% of the Hartford area people Sox fans, 32% Yankee fans, and 10% Mets fans (the latest Qinnipiac poll), their thinking, hopefully, has been altered. But Muther Nature had the final say. Take care Reb.
For Sat. June 17, Fox61 is showing the Yanks/Nats instead of Sox/Braves. I wrote about it, Reb.
With FOX 61 showing Nats-Yanks, maybe CT should be de-classified as a New England State.
Yo, dirtdogs has a link toda ysaying "Papelbon learns to tip the bellman" and it's from Mnookin's blog where he's putting out excerpts from his Sox book.

And it's this "exclusive" interview with Pap, where he talks abou thow he learned not to carry his own bags, how to get to th epark, etc.

Ooooh! Breaking News!!! Hel-loooo? Me and Reb were there when he was trying to HAIL HIS OWN CAB in NYC, and posted them and talked about it immediately. LAST YEAR.
I remember that, Jer...and Fox61 should be chastised, not our fair state of CT., where in the Hartford area, 53% say they are Sox fans, and only 32% say that "other" team. Of course, much different in Fairfield county. Hey Reb!
Yeah, Michael, we're--all right, CT---already de-classified. We --all right, CT-- need to get RE-classified as a New England state.
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