Saturday, June 24, 2006


Tryin' to Stay HOT in the Rain

Great. FOX sent out their "best" broadcast team to torture us this afternoon. At least they don't even have the option of a New York game to switch over to. That's right; The Red Sox are playing in TV's at least halfway down the Atlantic coast today.

Maybe they'll fit it in. I hope so, since it's already raining down here in CT; Sitting around in front of the telly is my activity of choice for the next three hours. Plus it'll great to pounce on a wife-beater like Myers at his peak point of distraction. And from what I've seen so far of this game (no outs yet), that's what we're gonna have to do.

46% of the US, was tortured by a Lead Baseball Analyst, who could cause Osama Bin Laden to break down, & That Lead Analyst will talk about it for the next 10 years, inning after inning.


Shut Up!

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