Friday, June 09, 2006


A Needed Boost

I was out tonight, at a place called the Seagrape, which is commonly too snobby to put on the Mets game, let alone the Sox. Tonight they didn't have a choice, and this "yankees" bar erupted in the sixth when A-rod missed a tough bounce for the go-ahead (winning) run. That Alex Gonzalez... I can't rank on him in good conscience, despite his failings to reach the Mendoza line. Surely his defensive play has saved more runs than Edgah had driven in at this time last year, and he does STEP UP for the skanks. I think this may have been lost to my companions, as the failure of the other Alex seemed to be at least half the joy for the crowd I was surrounded by tonight.

An inning later, after the Captain's three-run pad to the lead, the Mets game was suddenly and surprisingly airing on half the tv's. I was relaxed at this point, but still had the game in the corner of my eye through the 3-pitch A-rod strikeout in the ninth. "I hate A-rod," said my favorite Mets fan, at this point.

"I don't hate A-rod," I told him honestly. He's too pathetic to hate, in my opinion. "I hate Gary Sheffield." I didn't think this night was going to get any better until just now, when I saw the "Hell, No" ticker scroll by the info on scary gary's upcoming wrist surgery. He will be "out indefinitely." Poor guy. *sniff* ::stifles chuckle... but not convincingly::

Yes, upon coming home (quite toasty) I have flicked on yankees encore just in time to see the two-inning rally once again, this time with Michael Kay's invaluable comments in the background. (Although I must admit he's much better this year) And thank theo, yankees encore just moved straight from the top o' seventh to the bottom of the ninth, the only other part I really wanted to see. It did not escape me the first time around, by the way, that Pappy walked Melky Cabrera. Not my favorite person recently; how 'bout you? So, so sweet, though, to see the pop-up by Damon and back-to-back K's on Mr. Super-Human-Growth-Head & Prince Purple-lips. I suppose we wouldn't have that were it not for the walk. Pappy did that for our added enjoyment, methinks.

Well we did deserve it, after those last two games.

That's the last of the great rivalry for awhile. The press will have to hype up Phillies-Mets and Pale-Ho's-Tigers and Cardinals-Reds for a few months now. (yes, that was win #8 for our boy Bronson tonight, for those still keeping tabs) At least we have the Mets coming to Fenway soon; I get the impression that series might re-define NY-Boston scalper prices. I'm completely incoherant, glued on the Time-Life 70's Music Explosion commercial, and need to go to bed like two hours ago, but I think those last two sentences demonstrate the Nation's love for our players even when they've moved on... anywhere but the Bronx, Johnny. (you may have gone yard tonight, idiot, but your replacement got twice as many RBIs on one base hit. get used to being shown up by Coco; I think you'll be seeing that alot in the future.)

Aye, time to cut me off. (um, three hours ago, I know.)

Good call on Pap walking Cabrera to just kinda show everyone, "Oh, and by the way, of COURSE I can strike out A-Rod if you ever need me to do that. On three pitches."

And that was the good (ie in non-clutch situation) A-Rod he struck out.
I just added your link to my blog, under the title "Reb Sox Forever."

yankees lose;

Thahhhhhhhh skankees SUCK!
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