Monday, June 19, 2006


Stayin' Alive

To clarify, I didn't mean to be negative in my last post. It's just so easy to get down in baseball when things are really not that bad. By the end of last week, it seemed as if our boys might not ever win again ::Braves fans roll their eyes:: but the June Swoon is not as bad as it could be. At the time of this post we are above .500 for the month AND we just extended our flimsy lead over the skanks to two whole games.

Kyle Snyder was, in fact, downright decent last night. Sure, he gave up a run/inning at first, but he settled down into two scoreless ones. He had a very nice curveball, and I was actually a wee bit sad when they took him out. After all, who would've expected the effectiveness of our bullpen would hold up through four innings sans the great Pappy? It remains to be seen what will happen to Kyle, who a million years and four surgeries ago was once a first-round draft pick with loads of potential. Just last week he was tossed aside like garbage by the worst team in baseball, but today he basks in the overglow of a win in his new home, Fenway Park.

In other news, J.T. Snow finally turns in a uniform that barely ever got scuffed with dirt. Comments by our fearless leader imply a trade may be in the works, and more exciting roster moves loom on the horizon. (Note that Kyle's killer curveball seems to have re-bolstered my confidence in theo... not that I ever doubted him, mind you.)

And then there's Gabe. There's almost no words for that man. But he has words for us: (via the Globe)

``We have the best, and, to be more specific, the classiest fans in all of sports," said Kapler, who took Trot Nixon's spot in right field and batted eighth against the Nationals last night. ``And the reason I say that is because they recognize and care about hard work as well as people, human beings. Contributions [from players] other than superstars. They recognize every player on the roster.
``They recognize contributions from guys like Alex Cora, and, in the past, from a pitcher who would get one out. They always seem to recognize effort. I'm just blown away by their consistency and their knowledge of the game."

Do you people realize how often skankee fans tell me how un-classy we are? I know, I know, they wouldn't know classy if they hit it with their SUV, but try explaining that to them.

The Herald also ran a piece on Kapler, which had this gem from Trot:

"He’s the kind of guy," said right fielder Trot Nixon, "that when you bring your kids to the ballfield and say, 'Hey, want to see what a real ballplayer is?' You have them watch Gabe Kapler."
awesome article, Iain; thanks for the heads up. I especially loved this line: He possesses inexhaustible passion and plays the game like Jackie Chan fighting off the entire Chinese army, one soldier at a time.
Now that's the Reb we all know. And thanks for your two days in a row posts. We miss you! And Iain"s blog is a daily stop for me, as is yours. Have a great summer. Uptown girl? That's Billy Joel, and I still look back on that frantic but great night here in Hartford. Couldn't have done it without you.
One has to consider that The Skanks melted down VS Washington on Saturday & they'll have more meltdowns for the foreseeable future:

Arthur Rhodes is still their favorite batting practice Relief Pitcher, though.
I put a little post on my blog last week that helped me gain some perspective when times are bleak. Check it out if ya want to; it's the post titled, "How could hell be any worse?" Those people are crazy...
is the same rebsox who frequently comments on the baseball prospectus idol contest?
I don't know about frequent, but yes April, rebsox is my username at BP. Welcome to my totally defunct blog.
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