Wednesday, June 21, 2006


A Surge of Positivity

Welcome to the rotation, Jon Lester.

I got home late, but saw his last two innings. The kid's got the fist-pump down, that's for sure, and he's starting to earn it. Who knows when/if Wells and Clement will ever make it back from the DL, but if the day ever comes, surely Beckett will have a blister or something and Lester will by then be firmly entrenched in our every-five-day expectations.

So our boys have continued to demonstrate the clear superiority of the American League. Less than a week after my woe-is-me negativity posting (thanks MattySox for reminding me that it could be so much worse- we could be Royals fans!), we are riding a six game winning streak, the likes of which has not been seen before by the 2006 Red Sox. IN JUNE. Hopefully we can get the mop out this weekend to extend it.

Like everyone else in this corner of the world, I'm really looking forward to next week's series, and I'm glad to see Jere's prediction of a celebration of the 1986 team coming true (right down to the date. Terrific Job.) If you're still not into celebrating the 1986 team, you might enjoy this short clip. If, on the other hand, you're up for re-living the moment -again- you're either a Mets fan or a masochist or desperately seeking to re-enact the joy of October 27, 2004 -which will never happen, but have fun trying- check out this re-enactment of "the inning" in RBI Baseball. Both links courtesy of our cyberspace informant, Jay from LA.

Meanwhile in the dark recesses below Fenway, Theo and his crew of young number-crunchers continue to work their best keyboard fingers to the bone. Not satisfied with their latest salvage from the scrap heap, some discussion with the tribe has yielded yet another new pitcher. Yes, folks, we now have our very own Johnson, and despite the urgency with which he was sent packing by Cleveland, I betcha he's randier than Randy. After all, do our scouts know pitching or what? Check out this recently drafted pitcher...

The obvious temptation here is to worry like crazy over what we'll do with all these extra arms once our old guys come back from the DL, but these things have a way of working themselves out. Take the Peña/Kaplar situation: if Trot's not ready for his annual DL stint by then, maybe we can finally get rid of Willie Harris before he rots the spot on the bench he's farting away on every night. Oh, did I say that out loud? No Willie, of course I didn't mean you. I'm talking about silly Paris Hilton - who let that dumb bitch into the clubhouse, anyway?

I can see why Buckner wouldn't come to Fenway:

After see that clip, why would he want to?
And "dumb bitch" is being way too kind when speaking of that dumb bitch.
Good old HST. He was one crazy dude.
I think you'll become a Jason Johnson fan, whatever his first start next month might bring. All you have to do is read a little more about him, at my blog, or the Globe. You'll be surprised what courage means. The Globe is probably your better choice. Haven't seen you in a long time over "there." Bye.
It's too bad that the target wasn't Calvin Schiraldi or Johnny Mac:

It would've been more-appropriate;

Shame on you, Conan!
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