Monday, June 19, 2006




I just looked at the "expanded standings". The Tigers have won 46 games. The White Sox, 44. The Mets have won 43. Boston is in 4th with 39. Seven games behind the tigers (no offense, sam; I love 'em, I really do) after a SWEEP? I wanna cry.

Can't I just be happy we're ahead of the skanks? Or that we scored six runs tonight with two outs?

No. No, I can't. Not with our starting pitcher tomorrow night having only one other start, in which he was shelled. theo help us. (oh that's right; this was your move.)

The Acquisition of Kyle Snyder, means that Theo's Computer, must have a virus.
Negative waves, Reb. 40-28 and we're playing great ball. A 4 man rotation is all we need for the rest of the month, and Matt will be beginning his throwing program, much like Mike Timlin's, as early as today. I have nothing to complain about, much less push the panic button.
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