Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Just Checking In

Two Papi walkoff's later, we're still BLAZIN' and the NY Mets are comin' to town. I'm really looking forward to this one. I'm pretty busy up in NESN territory this week, but I'll find a way to watch.

And by the way, this guy's clearly a skankees fan- and right on par with the skankee-fan arrogance and idiocy. He thinks we are going to boo Pedro? ridiculous.

Basking in yesterday's glow, after the loss of a 6 run lead, is so sweet. Be well, Rebecca.
Tough to argue that Ortiz isn't clearly the game's top walkoff specialist, but I am nominating Don Orsillo as the game's best at calling a walkoff. Enthusiastic, Original, Composed! Like Papi, DO is money in the clutch. Yesterdays, "the Greatest Clutch Hitter in Boston History has done it again" was either rehearsed or brilliant - i'll let you decide.
Gammons....brain anneurism..I hope I'm wrong.......shit.
& Red Sox-White Sox is on FOX, today:

Get the ear plugs ready & -Uck & Mc Dickweed are doing this Game;

They'll go postal by mailing it in.
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