Tuesday, May 30, 2006



I tuned into the game last night just in time to see Matt Clement hand the ball over. So no, I did not have the pleasure of witnessing his suckiness firsthand... but the general feeling of hopelessness I had felt in anticipation of this game solidified as truth with one glance at the scoreboard.

It was only the fourth, but a six-run deficit is pretty much my cut-off for hope. I started a sudoku puzzle. I was briefly cheered up by Coco's homerun, the first of many, I expect, in a Red Sox uniform. It was solo, which doesn't put much of a dent in things; I wasn't about to get my dander up at this point, but a two-run shot by Manny in the 6th made it a game again.

Van Buren had defied my expectations of him by staving off a strong lineup. The Blue Jays can hit - best team batting average in MLB - and one would think they could make a youngen like Jermaine look foolish rather quickly... but somehow they didn't, and the Captain was set up to tie the game with another moon-shot in the eighth.

Here it is, I'm thinking. With all the ridiculous comebacks staged by the MFY, most of them at least partially unearned, it's about time we get some of that touch in our corner. I sit back on the couch and ready myself for a potentially long extra-inning drama. Wait a sec... who's that? I had not remembered Riske was back from his back spasms. Dude was not exactly feelin' the magic. A bit rusty, maybe? I was not thrilled. Pretty much in unison with the rest of the Nation, my thoughts jumped to our man Timlin, may he swiftly return. I can't blame Tito here, with a 'pen of tired arms and a potentially long game stretching out before us... but soon that was the least of our worries. Foulkie came in and got us out of a mess with just one pitch, but the damage had been done.

Don't get me wrong; I'd never trade him for our Pappy, but that B.J. Ryan was scary last night. Toronto stepped up with some cash this year and spent it in the right place to compete in the AL East: pitching. They awarded Ryan the largest contract ever given to a reliever, and last night in the ninth, he showed us why. Can we please, pretty please, mount an impressive lead over the Jays tonight so we don't have to see him again?


Meanwhile, back in the basement beneath Fenway Park, I certainly hope our army of young analysts and lawyers are diligently seeking a serious solution to our pitching woes. Mattie is starting to produce a thick cloud of dread over New England every fifth day. Plus, we've got the "open" slot in the rotation, which finally started to look solid the other day... for about four innings. Now we're back to the wait-n-see game (including who-the-hell is pitching tomorrow night.)

At least we have Josh Beckett taking the rubber tonight. That boy is like a shot of adrenaline right into the veins of Red Sox Nation. Which, of course, makes me nervous to have him pitch at Rogers Centre, if you know what I mean.

I viewed the Game, via NESN, & Reb, you're right, it was NO Pleasure.

I had doubts about Clement over the years. Never have the doubts been stronger than they are, now.
Reb, when you DO write, you are so dead on. I cannot say anything to add to what you just wrote. Go Josh.
ok, I'm trying to write more. Not as easy when you don't have a desk job, you know.
I know. I don't have one either. Unless you count the desk here at home. But you are creative.
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