Monday, May 29, 2006


It's the Win that Counts

So it was a little tense there at the end. Rudy and Julie wanted to make it exciting for us. They are, after all, being paid for our entertainment, right? Er, right. Technically. Does anyone else find it ironic that it took an actual HIT to get us out of that 9th?

In the end we get the win, and the near-disaster gets to fade away in our minds, rather than fester like a bad taste in the back of our throats. Many a game like this slipped away from us last season, eating away at our confidence 'til we felt no lead was safe... This year (so far) has been better, and while we have had our share of rough outings from relievers, few have affected the actual outcome of the game. Still these failures will not be forgotten, and while the Z-boys have both pitched rather well of late, it's aberrations like this that stick in our minds and overshadow the faith we had started to build up; The next few times either are seen walking to the mound, it will surely be to the music of our own mental moans as we pray for the health of our trusty tough Timlin and ponder the readiness of young DelCarmen, Hanson, and Lester.

In the meantime we put it away and pause for a moment of appreciation...


You might remember sweep-boy from our series against the O's earlier this month. Maybe ya had to be there, but the sweet sound of carefree celebration and hi-5's all around plays in my head much like a song. It brings a smile to my lips and reminds me of all y'all out there in the Nation basking in the victory with me. By posting this picture, I offer you all a digital clink o' the glass to the sweet call of "SWEEP". May we see sweep boy again - soon and often.


Meanwhile, over in my neck of the woods... The Royals, led by our friend Tony G, made things exciting with a slow comeback from a six-run deficit. It was a valient effort throughout the game, but in the end fell short in a 6-5 final. I was checking on this game regularly, so I can tell you ::shakes head sadly:: those blue-boys stranded TOO MANY runners. One more timely hit, and they woulda taken that series for us. Eh, woulda-shoulda-coulda. Let's hope the Tigers keep it hot and start another win streak today.

I think it's Rudy and Julia. Just my thought. Big difference, though.
And of course, another typo by me. I meant Rudy and Judy. Sort of goes together, in a rhyming way.
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