Thursday, January 19, 2006



Theo Epstein has returned... or so said the headline just now on the tv at the bar. And with theo... reb. yes, I know you all have left me for dead. no such luck. Well, I'll have to update this when i know more. sooner than later- I'm back.

Well, it's about freaking time. I will anxiously await anything you have to say, as I will be flat on my back at home recuperating for the next 4 weeks after today's procedure(!) and promise to comment, hourly...if you fail to keep your word.
Welcome home.
I knew as soon as I heard that Theo was back that I would find you here this early AM. Praise Theo! You were (past tense) missed.
Now can you and Theo do something about centerfield and shortstop? Thanks Reb.
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