Monday, November 21, 2005


Rest in Peace

Perhaps because I was denied access to the game, I did not find out until just now glancing at the post-game conferences... BB's dad, Mr. Steve Belichick died. I can't imagine what it was like for BB to coach that game today, and to not say a thing... my heart goes out to him; the grief must be unbearable.

Your grief mirrors mine. He is one incredible man.
Reb, this deal today is even better with mota added. If he is on his form, there's a much better chance that Papel can focus on the rotation, where Theo wanted him for next year. I wrote it up on my blog. Hope you had a great tukey day!!
Hi there Rebecca...I and probably others are wondering how everything is in your way so busy life. My b'day is Saturday and I wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday with you watching. Just kidding, but I am missing hearing from you in type on your blogs (and in email ).
Yeah, Peter, glad you said it first. I was wondering if she went "poof" or something.
She's not a poofer. I know that. Just missing her will bring her back. I KNOW it.
We're both believers, Peter, thanks for reminding me. And, by the way, Happy Birthday!
Thanks, and Reb, oh invisible one, rumors are the Sox are trying to get Theo back in an advisory role. Hope you're ok....poof!
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