Sunday, November 20, 2005


I Can't Comment on What I Can't See

I wasn't able to watch the game today. No, this was not the result of my crazy-being-out-all-night (but jeez I really am getting too old to do that). I was up in time to watch the game, though, and confused as I flipped through the guide. No coverage in Foxboro, least not in my area. For awhile I fumed at CBS-Hartford, which was showing the Raiders and Redskins. Who in the Hartford area could possibly care about that game beyond general love for football? But I looked and found that the Patriots game was the property of FOX this week.

It used to be that one network owned the AFC and the other the NFC, and I think they went by the home team. This is clearly no longer the case, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it this year, AND this weeks assignment meant that Connecticut fans of the New England Patriots were SOL today, no thanks to FOX 61, who chose to broadcast the Giants game instead. Now I understand that the Eagles/Giants seemed to be a more compelling matchup, but there is that any-given-sunday yada-yada... and frankly I don't care how boring the game is; I WANNA SEE MY TEAM! Clearly I was not the only person to feel this way, as FOX-61 had an apologetic statement on the subject posted on their website. They claimed to have applied for the right to broadcast both games, and that was denied.

WHY OH WHY, YOU BITCHY PEOPLE IN THE NFL OFFICES, WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US? Let me make this clear that I blame the NFL for improperly allocating the games in order to create this mess in the first place...if this game was only owned by CBS, we never would have had an issue, seeing as CBS owned the double-header this week and the Jets had a 4:15 game. Also I don't understand what is wrong with granting rights to both games. Clearly there are plenty of fans of both the Giants and the Patriots in Connecticut, and some party was bound to be pissed either way. What's the big deal? Do these NFL office people need to upset fans in order to feel powerful? Well there you go. You have the power. I'm upset. Hope that makes your day. It sure fucked with mine.

Staying out all night? What are you, a college student? :P
That sucks. My in-laws live in Springfield MA and they got hosed by FOX too. That seems to happen a lot. I have been trapped in Springfield a few times when Fox has done that and I was pissed too. At least they can get Gil and Gino on the radio broadcast though...
Doesn't happen often, but yesterday was probably the only time we in Ct. will NOT see the Pats, as long as they keep winning.
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